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4 Legal Things To Check Before Buying A Property In Spain – 2024 Guide

Buying an apartment or a house is one of the most important moments in life, and also one of the biggest investments. There is no better feeling than when you wake up in the morning in your living space, without the obligation to pay rent. There are also more and more people who decide to buy real estate in very famous resorts and exotic destinations in order to have a place to stay during the hot summer days, but also to rent out and thus make a profit. Of course, when we talk about summer and the sea, we cannot help but mention Spain as one of the most desirable European destinations. Spain is located in the temperate zone, its uneven relief affects the great climatic diversity. Spain’s climate is often said to be the Mediterranean. However, this is only somewhat true because only the coastal area of ​​the east, southeast, and south of Spain has a Mediterranean climate. In other words, Spain is perfect for a vacation. Therefore, we should not be surprised that more and more locals and tourists are looking for real estate on the coast.

However, buying a property is not always easy, especially for those who have no previous experience. There are certain things you need to check in advance to make sure that this is exactly what you are looking for.

1. Check the documentation

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The legality of real estate refers to constructed real estate, ie to buildings located on real estate. The building is legal if it has the appropriate documentation such as the Use Permit, the Decision on the constructed condition, etc. Of course, it is equally important that the building is registered in the cadastre and land books because that is exactly what indicates the legality of construction.
Make sure that third parties are not entitled to the land and the house, namely: the house is not rented by anyone, is not in custody and is not subject to court proceedings, there are no insurance loans in the bank. In addition, the apartment can be rented: in this case, after the death of the owner, the house will be transferred to the person who pays the rent.

2. And yours as well

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If you are a resident, chances are good that you are already familiar with the documentation you need to enclose when buying a property, but if you are a foreign citizen, try to obtain all the necessary documents in advance. One of the key documents without which you will not realize absolutely nothing is NIE. This is an identification number issued by the Spanish police. Try to apply on time, because checks can sometimes take weeks.

3. The real owner

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The name of the owner must match the cadastre and land books. Feel free to ask the owner for a copy of these documents, as well as evidence of the legality of the construction of the facility, as well as an energy certificate.

Of course, this can be time-consuming if you have no experience with buying a property or if you live in another place or state. Even finding real estate and visiting it can be tedious, and more and more people are opting for the service of hiring a real estate agent. Yes, you will pay a certain fee, but you will certainly spare yourself the random walk because with the help of an agent you will find it easier to find exactly what you want. Keep in mind that these are people who are professionally engaged in buying and selling real estate and that they certainly know every corner of the city. To learn more about it click

4. Deposit payment

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You have finally found the apartment you dreamed of and now is the time to make a purchase. When signing the sales contract, the buyer is obliged to pay a deposit that is usually 10% of the total price, no more. The last step is the signing of an official act of sale, with a tax of 15%. It is now up to you, as the new owner, to register the property in a register of Spanish origin, which can take several months. What is interesting to note is that buyers who pay more than 160,000 euros for their property also have a residence permit in this country, which makes it even more attractive to invest.

It is not uncommon for people to rush in and buy a property based on a first impression. Of course, even in this case, everything can go perfectly, however, it is better to stop and think, check three times, and only then sign the contract. If you are buying an apartment, and the same applies to the house, take a good look at the condition of these properties. Moisture can sometimes be hidden or painted over, so pay attention to more subtle signs. Also, check the condition of carpentry, ceramics in bathrooms, sanitary ware, age of electrical installations, insulation, and other elements that define the quality of the space.

There are also costs that are not even visible at first. If this is your first purchase of a property, sometimes you will not know or predict all the costs. In that case, seek the help of experts who are there to help you make your purchase thoughtful and turn infatuation into stable love.

Final thoughts

There are many details that you have to think about when buying a property and so give yourself time and dare to make a decision in peace, and once you make it, do not sign anything before you are 100 percent sure of the legality of the contract. If you have a vision of what a house or apartment should look like, be patient, ask, don’t settle for less. Keep in mind that you are making big money and that you do not deserve anything less than what you want.

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