4 Tips on How to Know when to Fold in Online Poker

If there is anything people know about poker through watching tv shows and movies, it is the disappointed face of the opponents as they say fold and smash their cards on the table. But how do they know when to fold? There are many factors that dictate when the players decide to fold while playing.

While playing poker offline is another matter, it becomes something else when the medium is digital. The mechanics of online poker and the game offline are very different. This is the reason why we have specially curated this article for your perusal. Here are some tips that will help you know when to fold while playing online.

Know About Good Hand Selection


At first, you need to understand what a good hand is and how you can identify it. In the beginning, you will get two cards after which you need to decide if you want to continue. Ask any experienced player and they will tell you to have the foresight to fold if you feel that the odds are favorable.

There are 169 combinations in total that have both good and bad hands. The two cards you will be provided in the beginning will be one of these combos. It falls upon your shoulders to see if this is a hand that can lead you to win or not. Many seasoned players often back off and fold when they feel the hand does not offer them good odds.

Typically, experts would not keep playing about 80% of the time because they know that the chances of losing are higher without a good hand. When you learn to recognize what constitutes a good hand you will be able to know when to fold in online poker. If you want to try this out directly, visit this website.

Consider Your Bankroll

You cannot go into a game blindly and expect to get good results. As much as a good hand is important, you should also consider your financial means. Typically, how you play is directly impacted by how much money you have in your bankroll. Adequate bankroll management will allow you to know when to keep playing and when to fold.

For instance, if you are someone who is playing with a large influx of money, you are more likely to play even mediocre hands just for the fun of it. If you have a limited amount of money, it will be better to be cautious enough to know when the odds are stacked against you.

One thing to remember with online gambling of any kind is: You do not play with money that is necessary for your livelihood. Always keep some buffer cash away for poker and do not exceed that limit even if the competition is pressuring you to do otherwise. If you have much money to spare, you can play however you want to, with a limited bankroll, you should be more aware of the game and know when to fold.

Know About the Money Bubble


If you are a beginner, you need to gather as much information as possible about how the game works and how the minds of poker players work. One of those inferences would involve how you react to the near approach of the money bubble. But before we tell you how to fold, you should know what a money bubble is.

A bubble is basically a time where the players are all separated into two groups. The larger percentage fall into the range who are less likely to make money. About 1o percent of the current pool of players is then sorted out and these are the ones that will get paid. Your job is to be objective in knowing how these chosen few would be.

Online poker restricts you to a large extent in this respect because digital reading is difficult to do. So all that you are left with is your own hand. So, in such a case, it will do you good to know when there is a chance of getting a good payout as opposed to scenarios when you will be better off by folding.

Playing with bigger stacks will allow you to get something in return for your efforts. On the other hand, you should most likely fold if you were playing with short stacks. Estimating when the money bubble is near will help you make this decision. Until then, you should just stick to playing cautiously.

Be Aware of the Odds

This is a strategy that will take you far and help you know the game better. If you are playing inline, you will have to be more vigilant while calculating the odds. If you know what you are up against, or at least have an idea about it, you can make a more informed decision about when you should fold.

However, while playing online, you are limited in multiple respects. You cannot talk to the competitors directly nor can you read body language. So, what would you do? In such a scenario, all that is left for you to see is how many outs you have. Knowing this will help you in determining whether you will get a good result out of it.

There is a way to associate your out with your chances of winning. You should look it up. Understand it thoroughly as it will help you in knowing when to fold.


The Takeaway

Online poker works quite differently from typical games but not so much. If you have some experience playing the offline version, you are more equipped to handle this new challenge than you think. The essential step is to know your own hand and its capability to perform well. False optimism will not take you anywhere, except maybe to lose money. You need to understand when you are likely to do well and when a hand is just mad for you.

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