Why José Mourinho’s Second Season is So Special

Sport and traditions simply go hand in hand, and the statistic is there just to prove these claims, which is also how legends and streaks come to life. Every football club in the world has some tradition based on the belief that something will or will not happen due to rich history, and as more time has passed, these traditions only grow stronger.

On the other hand, it’s nothing unusual that players and even coaches have certain traditions that follow them, and that’s precisely the case with one famous coach and his second season as the manager, and yeah, we are talking about Jose Mourinho.

If you have ever wondered why his second season at the club is so special and why there is so much noise about it, we will further focus on the details and how everything started.

Odds against tradition


Yes, everyone familiar with how Jose Mourinho coaches his teams is well aware that the second year is when he has the most success, regardless of whether he is the manager of Porto, Inter, or Real Madrid. Now, one can argue that everyone with that much experience and time spent coaching clubs simply has to have at least one contract year when they have the most success, as it is the basic standard of statistics, and there is some truth behind these claims.

Namely, Jose won the Champions League with Porto and Inter during that second year as the manager and La Liga as head coach of Real Madrid. Yes, he was manager of Chelsea, Manchester United, and AC Milan, where he won almost nothing the second year, but when we closely monitor how his teams played during that famous second year, it’s pretty clear that the squad reacts and plays much better.

As for now, there are many opposite opinions regarding whether Jose can pull the same thing again and do something more with AS Roma, but that’s simply something we will have to wait and see. For now, things look bright for this Roma team, as there are some big signings this summer transfer window, and the fans have every right to expect big things. When we consider all the facts like Jose Mourinho’s statistics during his second year as the head coach, the current roster of Roma, and how well the team currently plays, expectations are rightfully high.

Of course, people tend to expect things that are not that realistic, as winning the title in Seria A, even though it looks possible, is far from the realistic expectation any fan of ASRoma could ever place before the season started.

Great first season


There is no doubt that Mourinho’s first season in Roma was great, and although they ended up in the 7th place in the Serie A table, they brought an important trophy to Rome. Namely, Europe now has one more great competition besides the Champions League and Europa League, and the first winner who wrote the history was the team from Rome. We are speaking about the Europa Conference League, which is the third strongest competition for European teams, but although third, winning it is not that easy.

The importance of the Europa Conference League trophy is huge for both the team and the manager since this team did not get any European trophy for many years, and there is nothing better for a manager to win the trophy in his first season. Besides the trophy and prestigious title, being the winner has even more benefits, as it guarantees a place in Europa League next year, which means we can expect a lot from Roma this season.

Current progress

There isn’t much we cannot say about how this team plays this season, even though the loss against the Udinese side was something that many have found surprising, as Udinese’s current position in the league says enough about their quality. We agree that to win anything, you simply need not just to play well against top teams but to win so-called “small” games as well, but that’s precisely the problem, as no one expected anything from this side at the start of the season. Yes, the appetites did grow, especially when players like Dybala, Matic, and Wijnaldum came, and the team started to play attacking football, but the thing that everyone often overlooks is the time needed before everything falls into its place. There is no doubt this team is made of top players, and once they start playing together and the chemistry between them starts working, we can expect a lot of them until the end of the season.

Plans for the future


Although nothing is certain in the football world, and no one can be sure that Mourinho will lead Roma the next season, one thing is more than obvious – he is here now and more than hungry for success, so we can expect some big signings in the next transfer window. He is a manager with vast experience and great knowledge about players, so there is no doubt he will try to sign someone who will be able to bring the Roma games to the next level. There are some speculations that he has his eyes on Dalot and Chalobah, but we will need to wait until the next transfer window to see what he will manage to do.

To summarize

As we have already mentioned, Roma brought some great signings this year, and there is no doubt that their matches are much more interesting to watch, even for people who are not the biggest fans. On the other hand, big fans hope for the best and expect that their favorites will end up in the high place in the table that will get them into the Champions League, and if you are one of them, the best place to bet on your favorites is bet365. There are still many matches until the end of the season, which means everything is possible, but if the chemistry between these great players starts working, there is no doubt they can do a lot. One thing is certain, Mourinho is a great manager, and whether we like him or not, he can help them on their way to the top of the table.

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