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IT Recruitment By Sowelo – Staff Recruitment Strategies

The problem of IT specialists shortage is getting more and more serious nowadays. Most European companies lack skilled employees with technical knowledge and technical skills. However, the demand for IT specialists keeps growing at a tremendous pace. It is important to find the right solutions, especially if you’re eager to keep the businesses running. The IT recruitment Poland by Sowelo is the best solution to fill vacant IT positions.

Sowelo Consulting agency offers a wide range of services. Besides IT Recruitment Poland the offer includes Executive Search, Employer Branding, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), IT Contracting, Recruitment Process Assessment and Talent Market Mapping.

Present in the recruitment industry since 2007 Sowelo provides intelligent, flexible, easy to use and cost effective rapid deployment service.

Its dedicated, experienced Sowelorecruitment team acts quickly and efficiently and has hundreds of satisfied, often returning clients, both in Poland and abroad.

IT staff recruitment – what do we offer?

IT staff recruitment

According to statistics, almost 70% of all companies in Europe have enormous difficulties in finding suitable candidates and filling positions. The lack of well-educated, talented, versatile, and experienced developers is a huge problem thousands of companies worldwide struggle with. Don’t be one of those business people who seem completely unaware of a great solution to their problem. Trust our recruitment strategies and let us find the right one to sign a contract-to-hire in a jiffy!

The Polish IT market with excellent, award-winning Polish developers make any kind of technology or IT-related business possible. Take your chance and fix your company’s staffing problems with Sowelo’s experienced recruitment consultants.

As part of the advanced IT recruitment Poland service we provide our clients with candidates with the unique competences necessary to perform the specified tasks. Our experienced experts offer professional and modern recruitment solutions and services.

Our strong points are speed, knowledge, responsibility and objectivism. No more counting down weeks or months, we offer you a ready to take up the job specialist within a few days. Expert knowledge in the field of IT recruitment, candidate acquisition and methods of their assessment and selection, the use of professional tools helpful in assessing CVs and for other stages of recruitment speed up and optimize the employment process prepared by Sowelo Consulting recruiters. Moreover, the approach full of ideas and solutions, a sober look at your preferences as well as full commitment and responsibility for a given recruitment project – this is all means the growth of your business.

IT recruitment Poland by Sowelo – a few reasons to recruit with us

IT recruitment

If you want to cooperate with Polish recruiters specialising in click the link Sowelo seems to be the best choice. Our immensely experienced recruitment consultants will help you enter the Polish IT market and fulfill your dreams of tremendous success. When it comes to IT recruitment, our headhunters are ready to help you make a sound judgment and the right decision. For more information, click here.

First of all, we need to know what you expect, what your budget is, and what your other limitations are. Next step is preparing data regarding the IT sector and thorough analysis based on juxtaposing your vision with the current situation results in preparing specific recommendations.

If you decide for the Sowelo IT recruitment Poland package available at you get a complete, comprehensive service. Determine your preferences and expectations and let our team find the top candidates for any vacancy for you. We use specialist psychometric tools in the recruitment process. Cooperating with use you can avoid all the stress and effort related to contract talents. It is also a good way to minimize commercial downtime, reduce cost-to-hire and improve retention rate immensely. Moreover, we give you access to the online platform, thanks to which the hiring process is much more effective and easy.

Advantages of recruiting tech talents with Sowelo

recruiting for job

Talking about advantages we can make a list of 7 most important positive aspects of cooperating with our recruitment company. Number one is definitely much faster hiring. With Sowelo you will shorten the time necessary to fill your open positions. Our in-house recruiters use not only the latest technology, but also business intelligence to source your skilled IT professionals. We have the database with a vast talent pool. Our network is full of technology sector connections and access to expensive systems – it all helps us offer you the already mentioned top talents with hard-to-find skills you are looking for.

Number two on the list of advantages is the high quality of candidates our great recruiters provide. Pre-screened and referenced candidates who have already been carefully assessed and interviewed towards your recruitment needs – that is our strong point. We deal with candidates for best jobs on a daily basis. Hence we are experts at screening, interviewing, and analysing the suitability of applicants for roles across various businesses. We also provide consultancy and recruitment support services, specialist advice and assistance. That is why the whole interview process using our staffing solutions runs smoothly.

IT Job recruitment

Another advantages of partnering with Sowelo are our specialist recruitment knowledge, focus on serving the client’s manpower needs and knowledge of the market. The list can be ended with the extended reach (we reach for the best candidates who are often too passive to be found) and finally – the most significant advantage – this is what we do! Writing compelling job ads to maximise the number of people who apply, screening applicants to find the strongest ones, and – most importantly – Sowelo team is ready to work day in and day out to meet your hiring needs. Our main goal is to find you top-tier talent whose dream job is to work for your business.

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