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Ireland’s Best Santa Experience – Christmas Adventures

It’s a tradition in every Christian country that Santa would visit for Christmas. But Ireland is different as Santa’s visit is engraved into Irish society. It’s a modern tradition for Irish people to take their children to see Santa Clause. The reason why? It represents the best possible Christmas experience. Kids love Santa Claus and they know that to get a present from him they must behave throughout the year. This can be of use to you as they will behave if they want to meet him as well.

But without further ado, the main topic of our article is the unforgettable Santa experience, and we’re going to tell you all about it.

The thought that excites kids the most when seeing Santa Clause for the first time is the fact that they get to take a picture with him. The white beard, the old-ish glasses, the polished black books, and of course, the big red belly and cheeks are what makes him the real deal. And what kid will not believe that it is the real Santa waiting for them to take a picture together?

So naturally, the possible experience starts with something that the kid will always remember – a picture with Santa.

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Going on next, another highly popular memory we have of Christmas is the scenery. So naturally, there must be lots of wooden houses, Christmas lights, candy canes, snow, and of course, that familiar smell of hot chocolate. Setting the mood is very important for providing the best possible experience for the kids. The festive season will soon be upon us, and the children have to feel as if Santa has really come to meet them for Christmas.

Some popular tours even invite the kids into Santa’s house, such as the guys at Imagine having Santa Clause “invite” your kids into his own house, where they can also meet Mrs. Clause and some of the Elves and Archie.

Christmas is all about being together with the family, so some even organize Family Funfairs where you can enjoy free rides on many attractions with your kids. The performance acts, the themes, and not to mention the lunch & dinner with Santa, are the things that will make your kids’ days.

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If you’re good enough, you might even get a gift from Santa himself.

The perfect Santa experience is there for you to have unlimited fun with your family. These events are the things that bond us together the most, and they create unforgettable memories. But one way to preserve those memories is to take photographs; that’s why we encourage you to always have a camera with you when visiting one such place.

From visiting Santa in his house to taking a ride on the Christmas Train to dining in Rudolph’s Restaurant, and even dressing up as Elves, these are some of the best possible experiences you can have for Christmas.

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Furthermore, most of these events accommodate wheelchair users both on the premises and on the train itself, because Christmas is for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Santa, Mrs. Clause, Archie, Rudolph, and the rest of the Elves are all waiting to give your kids the best possible Christmas experience.

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