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Ireland Road Trip – A Travel Guide And Tips For 2024

The most interesting and fun ways to explore any country is by taking a road trip with your friends or family members – or perhaps both! Ireland has so many things to offer to tourists, hence, planning your itinerary will be quite easy. However, you will need to learn and know some things before you start thinking about all the amazing places you want to see while on the road trip.
If you are planning on exploring this wonderful country by car, you might find this article extremely helpful. The text below will feature the top tips for organizing a road trip across this amazing country, and, of course, some of the locations that you should definitely opt for visiting. Let’s take a closer look:

First Things First – Prepare Well (And This Includes Reading About The Driving Rules)

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Decide on The Car Renting Company And The Coverage

If you are thinking about renting a vehicle over there, there are some things that you should be aware of. You can get ripped off at the car rental work area, routinely charged €20 – €25 every day, though an Irish car insurance cover ahead of time will just cost €3 to €5 per day. So as opposed to purchasing collision damage waiver protection in an air terminal, you can take out a full insurance cover with an Irish car insurance agency such as at a small amount of the expense. In this way, it’s ideal to purchase before you fly.

Keep in mind that it is required by law to have coverage for your vehicle, hence, if you do not have a letter from your credit card company, they might not allow you to rent a car in this country. Hence, it is extremely important that you get everything ready before you book an airplane ticket.

Get Familiar With The Driving Rules, Laws, And Regulations

The most obvious difference between Ireland and other countries is that they drive on the left side. If you did not do this before, you should be aware that this will be your biggest challenge once there. Since you will drive on the left side, everything will be different. So, the smartest thing you could do when you rent it is to take the vehicle for a short spin. This will allow you to slowly adjust to the changes.

Be Extremely Careful When Operating a Vehicle

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As previously mentioned, operating a car will be tough, however, it can get even tougher. When driving around, you should not expect a lot of highways. For the most part of your adventure, you will drive down narrow roads – which will probably be the biggest shock besides driving on the left side. The speed limits are surprisingly higher than they should be, but, although you can drive quite fast, you should not, especially since you will need some time to adjust yourself to the differences.

The Places to Visit

As mentioned above, this island country has a wide range of attractive locations for tourists. However, the locations that you can visit will depend on the duration of your stay. Besides the obvious choice of exploring Dublin, you might also want to think about visiting:

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1. Kilkenny – once you get your rented car, head to Kilkenny. There, you will find hundreds of attractions including the amazing Kilkenny Castle, The St. Canice’s Cathedral and Tower, and do not miss out on seeing the first inn opened there, Kytlers. This city is ideal for trying authentic beer and cuisine, and you can experience these things while dancers toe-tap to the fabulous tunes.
2. Cork – when you finish exploring Kilkenny, go to this city. On your way there, you should definitely stop for two times to see the two biggest attractions – the incredible Rock of Cashel, and the well-known Blarney Castle. Cork can easily take you back in time with some amazing buildings going all the way to 1786! Do not miss out on trying some traditional breakfast once there.
3. Clare – the next stop on your itinerary should be observing the two phenomena of this country – The Cliffs of Moher and The Burren. Now, you should know that the hills are extremely high, hence if you are scared of heights, choose to admire the view further from the cliffsides. These natural wonders are great photography spots, so, do not forget your camera!

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4. Galway – now, you might recognize this name, especially since it is in one of Ed Sheeran’s song titles. This town is the place where you will find the Claddagh Rings and Fisherman sweater. The second place is the point where the Atlantic ocean joins the Corrib river. You can try incredible food, meet wonderful people, and definitely choose to attend some live gigs!

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5. Dublinthe capital is where you will need to stay for longest, so you might want to leave it for last. Dublin has so many things for foreign people to see and do and once there, you can choose to go to the Trinity College, the Kilmainham Gaol, The Book of Kells, the Dublin Castle, and, of course, the amazing Guinness Storehouse. There are literally hundreds of things you can do once there, hence, do some digging and choose the things that suit you and your travel companions best.

Naturally, you do not have to choose the aforementioned locations, however, if you truly want to experience everything that this country has to offer, you should choose at least one or two locations from the list. Ten minutes from Dublin is where you find your royal adventure in the luxury accommodation by Ashford Castle from


Ireland is truly a place of miracles and wonders. From its amazing nature to the amazing people, you will definitely not regret choosing this country as your next travel destination. Of course, there will be a lot of things to plan, so, before you choose to book an airplane ticket to Ireland, ensure that you find a good car rental company, as well as the best possible car insurance. Once you are done with all that, you can slowly, but surely start planning your itinerary.
So, now that you know what you should do before your trip, do not waste any more time, and start searching for the best car rental company, as well as the best insurance for your trip to Ireland!

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