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Investing in 2024: Where to Invest and How to Make Money?

It is good when free money appears in the wallet, allowing you to think about various investment paths’ profitability. But suppose for investors with great experience and huge capital, special business plans are developed. In that case, payback indicators are calculated, etc. For an ordinary average citizen of Ukraine, the question of profitable investments is rather complicated because it is necessary not only to have income, which is also not easy in the economy’s modern realities but also to minimize the risks of losing your investments.

In this article, we bring to your attention tips for investing your funds, as well as recommendations where you can invest your money by getting the maximum return.
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Investment rules

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Before investing money somewhere, you need to know the main investment rules. By adhering to them, you will be able to make your investment successfully and competently. Of course, a novice investor can’t follow all the recommendations immediately, but you can try, especially since it is quite realizable.

  • Free money. No matter how trite it sounds, you need to invest only when you have money. If they are not there, then it is categorically impossible to take on credit, borrow from friends, or withdraw another successful business from circulation. Many may be surprised because the practice of lending to businesses is not so small, but this is not in our case. If we are talking about Ukraine, where the economy is so unstable and the risks are so great, then there is no need to borrow to develop your business. You can go bankrupt with a business and still owe the bank many times more than it was originally taken.
  • Regular income. You can only think about where to invest money in Ukraine if you have a stable job or another income source. This is one of the most important foundations. Without a permanent income, you cannot invest your money in a business or other investment. If the case is unsuccessful, then there is a risk of being left without money at all.
  • Investment plan. As experienced experts advise, you should never be limited to a single direction. A diverse portfolio of capital investments will make it possible to make a guaranteed profit because three or four areas cannot be losing at once. But, regardless of the scope and scale of financing, always draw up an investment plan. It would be best to have a clear algorithm for your actions to understand when the situation is not going the way you would like. This will help you make quick decisions to fix problems.
  • Do not waste your profits. Money tends to depreciate, which is why the money earned does not need to be spent for your purposes. It is best to direct the resulting profit at the initial stages to the formation of a new portfolio. This will allow in the future to expand its capabilities and potential.
  • Controlling your money and savings. You should not mindlessly invest money and then forget about them for years. As an investor, you should always be interested in cash flow in your business. This will allow you to make the right management decisions and influence the result. If you let the investment process take its course, then you can completely lose all your savings. There are a lot of fraud cases now.

If you can be guided by these rules or take them into account when carrying out your investment activities, your chances of success will increase several times.

Where to Invest?


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Cybersecurity is a digital business and is not going to stop in the near future. Cybersecurity has become an important part of internet services, and almost all major internet service providing websites and authorities tend to take better cybersecurity for them. In 2024 if someone invests in cybersecurity, he will definitely make money. With the spread of COVID-19 19 all across the globe, thousands of businesses have gone down, but the digital investment is gone up. It will be a wise decision to invest in cybersecurity in 2024.

Real estate

Real estate never lets you down. One of the best ways to make money is to invest in real estate. Suppose you have the proper knowledge that how real estate works; it will be great to grab the opportunity and invest in real estate. Real estate doesn’t make quick money for you like cybersecurity, but it can increase your asset passively with the passage of time. In 2024 it will be great to invest in demanded places in real estate. It is much better to invest money in real estate rather than keeping your money in the bank.


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Investing in stocks can be complex for a simple person. The more the risk is involved in the business, the more the chances are to make money. When the market is down, always investing in stocks. The trending stocks in 2024 will be digital stocks; all the companies that work digitally and are related to the internet have higher chances to make money if compared to the other companies. Investing in stocks requires the basic knowledge of markets and the trends of the country’s economy. So, if you are wise enough to know all the market trends, you must invest in stocks.


No one can deny the fact that Gold is an all-time best asset to have. The reason why Gold is the best asset is that it always grows with time monetarily. The demand for Gold is never low in the market, and there are always chances that you can sell it at any time and get cash. Investing in Gold is no difficult, and anyone can do it.


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Business is an understanding of the market and market values. If you know the investment rules discussed above in the article and do business accordingly, you will always make a lot of money. The best time to invest or start doing business is always the present.

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