How the Internet Has Changed the Adult Entertainment Industry

It’s no lie and nothing too strange in the fact that everyone, of legal age, of course, loves porn in some of its forms. Whether you are a teenager, old, male, or female, some sort of porn is what appeals to your nature and that is a fact.

Thanks to that fact porn industry are probably the largest one out there and the one that keeps evolving and developing continuously. The industry initially started with art house films that were for that age something unimaginable and incredible. In some places, those were heavily forbidden and hidden from general popularity. When the curtains lowered a bit and when things became normalized, the industry transcendence into the DVD era where you had your little hot movie with a certain story, background, and acting (highly disputable).

All of that didn’t last long because with the internet coming in and its wide availability, we managed to get a hold of sites that offers some kind of adult entertainment free, while the rest was locked behind a paywall. This also didn’t last long and we now have all these tubes offering a lot of good and quality free adult entertainment videos that you can choose from This is something that impacted the industry a lot and made it change in certain ways.


Since we have a lot of free content available adult entertainment industry has to find other ways to earn that revenue back and they needed to change.

The change can be seen in the quality of their videos, the investment, and the quality and ingenuity in the adult toys department since this is a part of the adult entertainment industry. These guys are not holding back and they are progressing more and more. Platforms like OnlyFans have creators that post regularly and that’s a big threat for them. OnlyFans agency management help the creators reach bigger audiences over social media like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter.

As far as technologies go, we saw a breakthrough in the VR sections where we have more realistic sessions than before, we are seeing an advancement in the VR world where you can be what you want, do what you want (in the limits of normal) and do who you want to do.

The one part of the adult entertainment industry that is on a constant rise is the sex toys and doll industry. These guys are making the best of what they have in this day in age. From smart toys for men and women to full-on dolls or parts of a doll, that is almost as human.


We recently wrote about AI and the fact that pretty soon all of us will be able to get a sex doll that will be able to communicate on some sort of a basic level and interact with you. Do you have any idea how that little thing will change everything?! Our perception of sex toys and dolls will change, and our perception of others will change. The capabilities and the abilities that we may get soon are both scary and thrilling.

The adult industry never sleeps and it is an ever-changing organism that is not the same for two days in a row. What you see and read today, maybe surpassed tomorrow. This is a true trendsetter for everyone.

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