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6 Benefits Of Instructor-Led Virtual Live Training

Learning new things should always be a priority in our lives. Everything is advancing at the speed of light and if we are not constantly improving, we will quickly realize that we are not competitive and that we are losing pace with others. The same is true if we own the company and have employees. Their education is essential for business success.

Whether we want to improve our current knowledge or learn something completely new, it is easier and more accessible today than ever. Only 15 years ago, if there was no course or school in our city or a nearby city, we had to give up the idea of chasing that specific career. And today, when everything is moving to the virtual world, we can learn whatever we want even if our lecturer is located on the other side of the planet.

Virtual training and courses further advanced and gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. People then used the surplus of free time for such things, and they were also prevented from attending live training, even though they wanted to. Now, all we have to do is choose whether we want eLearning or virtual instructor-led training. What is the difference and why we think vILT is a better option you can read below?

What is the difference?

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Many are unaware that there is a significant difference between eLearning and vILT. Both are online ways of learning, but eLearning, although also very effective, does not involve an instructor, but only self-paced learning. Self-paced learning is a very good option for all those who have a full-time job and don’t have time to attend classes. You get all the necessary course material and study until you decide you are ready to take the final tests. It is undeniable that you can gain extensive knowledge in this way, but lack of contact with the instructor will always be a significant minus.

That is why virtual instructor-led training is a more advanced online training option. It is practically a live classroom simulation and you will get all the benefits of training and learning in a live classroom but from the comfort of your own home. Also as instructors from Panitechacademy informed us, students showed better results when they opted for vILT than for self-paced. It was vILT that made it possible for college classes and many other things to take place during the lockdown. Although you probably already see the benefits of vILT, we have singled out the most important benefits of it for you. And those do not just benefit in comparison to eLearning, but general benefits of vILT.


Distance plays no role

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As we have already said, with the help of this type of training, it does not matter where you are. Maybe you are just planning to move somewhere where you need training for that particular job, so why wait to move there and then waste time, when you can do it right now. Or you are someone who often travels for work and can’t commit to something that requires staying in the same location for an extended period of time. Or maybe you want to be a digital nomad. In any case, the internet and then virtual instructor-led training have made distances mean nothing. You have knowledge of the whole world at your disposal.

It combines the best of both worlds

Live training has its advantages because you are in the center of events, you can ask and get information and it is very useful. But it takes your time because you have to go to the place where the training takes place, and also adjust your entire schedule accordingly. While eLearning gives you freedom, but you will also often encounter problems and doubts in learning and there will be no one to help you or you will have to wait for hours until support responds to your email. While this option combines the best of both worlds. You’ll have all the benefits of live training and the interactivity it provides, but your schedule will suffer much less because of it. In this way, you get the best of the traditional approach to education, as well as all the benefits of the Internet.

Cost reduction

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Saving money is also a great benefit because it is this difference in price between live training and vILT that can be crucial. Also, saving you will allow yourself to attend more courses and training, you may even be able to take two for the price of one life. This is not the only cost reduction that vILT allows you. There are no travel costs, which exist even though the training takes place in your city. Not to mention if it is a few hundred kilometers away, so you have to pay for accommodation as well. Learning material is also cheaper because you get it in digital form. All of this will significantly reduce costs without compromising what you want to learn in any way.

Allows contact with colleagues

The contact we make with our colleagues is very important because we can learn something new, and also increase our business network. eLearning does not allow us to do that, but during vILT classes, we will be able to communicate with professors and also be able to communicate with our colleagues. If you’ve ever used apps like Zoom, you know that’s the way it is.

Enhances learning

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Surveys conducted on this topic show us that most people who have attended vILT at least once feel that it is an improved type of learning and that they have learned more than during live training, especially in relation to eLearning. The reasons why this so varies, but primarily state that the right balance has been struck between the comfort of learning from home and contact with other people. In this way, most knowledge is acquired.

Reduces the risk of high-risk training

There are jobs that are high-risk and therefore training cannot go without danger. This is the best way to avoid it because there is no danger for anyone but the lecturer. Nothing can happen to you while you are sitting at your computer, and you will learn all the complex skills that are needed.


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We can freely say that virtual instructor-led training is the future and that over 80 percent of learning will take place in this way in the future. Live training will remain only for some professions where it is necessary and for people who insist on it, but it will certainly become more and more expensive because it is unprofitable compared to vILT.

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