Indian Punters Flock Towards Mobile Cricket Betting Sites

Online gambling once considered a taboo subject is now being brought into the mainstream. The emergence or rather the invasion of cricket betting sites into India has provided plenty of opportunities for punters to place bets on their favourite games. Rewind back to a couple of decades ago and Indians were struggling with poor internet connections and scarcity of betting sites. However, one look at the sites such as and you will realise there are plenty of options in India now. What has changed in the last two decades that has caused this meteoric rise of online gambling?

Two main reasons have contributed to this. First, is the widespread penetration of the internet. In the early days it was relegated to just the bigger cities such as Mumbai and Delhi but with time, companies have made strides in providing internet coverage to the most remote parts of India. This is all well good but means nothing if the consumers are unable to utilise the internet on their devices. Enter the declining prices of mobile smartphones as the second reason. Smartphones were introduced by Apple with the birth of the iPhone and were considered as a luxury item not accessible by the common man. With time, more competitors to Apple have entered into the market providing consumers with a similar product albeit at cheaper prices. These two factors have allowed punters to access their favourite betting sites at fairly decent internet speeds.


Bookmakers have paid close attention to these two factors and believe that with regulation crippling several established betting markets, India is the next big gambling market. Countries such as U.K and Sweden have tightened regulations surrounding online gambling and have made it difficult for the smaller betting operations to make money. While these two markets have become safer for the consumers with AML checks and KYC procedures, it means that the smaller operations simply do not have the capital and resources to comply with these strict regulations. With their profits tightening, these betting companies have looked elsewhere where the regulations are non existent.

India is one such country where they are no defined laws around online gambling. The Gambling Act of 1867 has barred punters from engaging in any forms of gambling however as you can tell by the date of the act, this does not take online betting into consideration. The government has also given the onus to individual states on how they would like to deal with gambling. States such as Goa and Sikkim have welcome online gambling whereas the state of Telangana has outright banned all gambling activities.

The good news is that punters can always use VPN on their mobile devices and access these betting sites. Accessing these sites via mobile phones has several advantages. First is the case of user experience. If you are new to online betting then visiting the full fat desktop website might simply be too much for you. Mobile sites tend to have simpler layouts meaning you can access your favourite matches in lesser clicks.


Second reason is the 24/7 access. Being tied to a desktop machine might prevent you from taking advantage of special offers and promotions if you are on the move. No such problem exists with mobile betting. If you have a decent phone and internet connection, you will be able to check the latest offers and promotions while on the move. You could be travelling to work on the train or enjoying a film at the cinema and the betting site will always be present with you. Once again, a few clicks is all that takes to place a bet on your phone.

Apart from providing 24/7 access, you will be able to login faster as well. Most sites will allow for FACE or fingerprint ID meaning you can access the site without even clicking on anything.

Another reason is the case for privacy and security. A few years back, punters would have to visit cyber cafes to access betting sites. This meant giving our sensitive information in a public place which no one should be doing. With mobile phones, you can access the sites away from prying eyes. All you need to do is make sure that the site you are accessing has the relevant license such as UK, MGA or UKGC. Having a license ensures the site will treat your date with utmost safety and security and will ensure the latest encryption is in place. The chance of a data leak or breach will therefore be minimized. This is extremely important as you will be providing your payment details that allow you to place bets and you only want to give those details on a site that has the latest in security protocols.


Last reason for accessing a site via the mobile is to do with exclusive offers. Betting sites follow consumer trends quite closely and are fully aware that punters are now using mobile phones for a bulk of their purchases whether that means ordering food or buying goods of ecommerce sites. In order to acquire such punters, betting sites will offer offers that will be exclusive to mobile punters. These can include free bets which essentially means that you will not be required to make a deposit to place your bets. All you need to do is fill out the registration form and enjoy the free bonus handed to you. This is a great way for you to access the site and play around with its different features before committing to it. You can therefore create accounts on multiple bookies, enjoy the free and exclusive offers on each and only then provide your financial information on the site you like.

Online gambling and more specifically mobile betting will continue to show strong growth in years to come. You need to make sure that you only place bets or gamble amounts that you can afford to lose. Bet responsibly and it will be an enjoyable journey.

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