Guide to Improving Your Gaming Skills

Nowadays, gaming is a hobby for more than 2 billion people in the world. Professional gaming through streaming and offline competitions has also become a source of income for gamers. However, you have to improve your skills to become a winning gamer as you will be playing with professionals. You must choose a specific game and practise a lot if you want to find success in professional gaming.

Improving your gaming skill is also not limited to those interested in competitive gaming. A casual gamer can also benefit from improved gaming as they can enjoy the game more and feel the joy of becoming a winner. Below are some tips that can help you become a better gamer.

Choose the right game



Choosing the game you like and dedicating more time to learning about the game’s commands and practising will significantly improve your skills. The first step is playing different game genres to determine the best type for you: some people will love the thrill of first-person shooters (FPS) games, while others prefer the strategic play of MOBAs. Once you choose your best game, you can start practising and gathering more information about it, like its commands.

Playing more video games from a particular genre helps you become adept in that genre. For example, the control mechanism of FPS games, like how to avoid enemy fire, is similar across most shooter games. Other genres like role-playing games, run-and-gun games and shoot-em-ups also shore similar gaming elements.

Learn more about the game

Any additional information you get about the game you choose can help you improve your gaming skills. You can learn more about playing the game if you watch YouTube videos and read blogs on tips and tactics about it. Most of these videos are made by professional gamers with vast experience in video and online gaming. The game’s website and FAQs will also provide general information about the game and how to play it.

It is also trough these platforms you can learn Mods and cheat codes that will instantly improve your gameplay. For example, you can use cheat codes to unlock new levels and gears that will take you long to unlock normally.

Get a proper gaming gear


No matter how good you are at playing video games, you cannot grow your skills if you don’t have the right gaming equipment. Quality gaming gears like a gaming mouse, keyboard or paddle controller makes gaming easier and fun. Having the proper gaming gear will also make a difference in your journey towards becoming a professional gamer and give you an edge over the competition. While it may cost you some money, it is a worthy investment as you can play more comfortably.

Watch and learn

If you want to grow your gaming skills, watch the live –streams of eSport competitions and check what the experts are doing. It is also advisable to physically attend these competitions as it can be an opportunity to meet players with similar interests, which may offer advice on how to improve your gaming skills.

Set tangible goals


Like any other skill, gaming requires practice. Playing the game more regularly will help you identify your mistakes and come up with solutions. You will also develop gaming strategies that will help you progress to the next level.

However, it is advisable to set tangible goals to avoid boredom and measure your progress. Just playing each day without goals can make you feel like you are not progressing forward. On the other hand, achieving the goals will keep you motivated and aware of your skills level. A goal can be anything, from kill/death ratio to proceeding to the next level, learning a new move and many more.

Build a strong team

Since most competitive games today are team-based, it is advisable to form a team and get used to playing in a team. Unlike playing in single-player mode, playing as a team require additional skills, like communication skills and teamwork.

You can form a team with your friends, schoolmates or find a consistent group of players you can bond with. Playing regularly as a team will develop chemistry between the team members and help every individual choose their most comfortable role. Practising as a team is also easier, plus you can exchange tips

Record yourself and analyse the replays


You can significantly improve your play by watching your previous sessions and correct the mistakes you made. Identifying the good moves you made will also help you know your strengths and strive to maintain them.

In addition to your replays, you can also look for other leading players’ videos to see what you can learn from them. Such videos are readily available on YouTube and social media platforms for renowned players.

Choose ranked game modes

Unlike unranked game modes where players play with anyone regardless of their skill levels, ranked game modes match players with others in their skill level. Playing with people at the same level as you help you avoid the pitfalls of playing with players who are either on a higher or lower skill level than you.

Playing with people below your skill level will not add value to your game as you are not challenged to improve your skills. On the other hand, playing with players above your skill levels leads to consistent losses that can be discouraging. The best choice is a level where you can win and lose in equal measure.

Practice a lot


You have to invest time practising if you want to get to the next level. You should be consistent with your learning habits and always make an effort to improve your gaming skills. However, you should plan your time well to avoid spending more time than you should. While gaming is important, you still need time for family and friends. Several hours every day is enough time for practice. You can do it in the evening after you are done with your daily chores.

Parting words

From the above guide, it is clear that becoming a skilled gamer requires commitment and time. You have to choose the best game for you, learn more about it and practise a lot to improve your gaming skills. You also have to improve your teamwork skills as you may sometimes play with others as a team.

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