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Ways of Improving Energy Efficiency in Traditional Buildings

In many countries, there are a lot of houses, which are considered architectural landmarks. For example, in the UK at the moment there are more than 550 thousand such monuments. They cannot be demolished, altered, or restored without permission.

One of the building’s facade components are windows with original sashes. Due to the lack of modern functions and materials, they are not suitable for life. It will be cold indoors. To make buildings more energy-efficient, there are a number of factors to consider. So, in England, there are many buildings that are of historical and architectural value. Such houses are preserved so that future generations have an idea of ​​the planning systems and building technologies of past centuries.

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All architectural monuments are divided into nine categories. The first of them is inviolable. About 2.5% of buildings in England fall into this category. If you become the owner of one of these houses, you can become a member of the Real Estate Owners Club. Houses built more than 30 years ago are eligible for listing. The list of important buildings includes houses built before the beginning of the 17th century.

Old wooden Sash or Casement windows are always a challenge when it comes to double glazing. Rebates (a gap where a glass pane fits into) in such windows are quite narrow. Standard double glazing would simply not fit into such rebates. Also, frames need to be strong enough to carry the extra weight of double glazing. Originally they were meant to carry the weight of a single glass. Installing double glazing into such frames will make them dangerous to operate. To make things even trickier, sash windows with a system of weights and pulleys need a competent adjustment to make sure the extra weight of double glazing does not impact their smooth operation.

5 Tips to Make Your Timber Windows More Energy Efficient

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In order not to resort to installing timber window double glazing in Essex, you can try traditional methods of increasing heating in the house. They don’t require considerable investments and provide excellent results:

Use heavy curtains or blinds. This will help reduce heat losses. Indoor sashes and window enhancements will also work well. In this case, the level of heat in the apartment will increase by 50%. When choosing fabric for curtains, pay attention to its quality. Ideally, this should be a multi-layer textile. The change in the temperature level in the room will be noticeable if the curtains are closed and don’t let cold air from the outside. The blinds, in turn, adhere perfectly to the window and reduce the amount of warm air slowly seeping through it.

There are many ways to save on your energy bills, ensuring your windows provides sound isolation is a good start. Especially when facing a new financial crisis, saving money is essential. Check out FamilyMoney website for some great ideas for saving money.
Provide protection against drafts. It will allow you to simply and quickly enhance the energy efficiency of windows. It is necessary to close the cracks that draw warm air. After completing this step, you will notice how much the need for additional heating of the rooms has decreased. The house will be much warmer and nicer to be in. The easiest way is to stick special tape on windows that are not in use. You can cover the joint between the glass unit and the wall or frames. The windows used must be sealed. Installation of seals is possible, but it will require professional help. They will remove the windows and mill the sliding elements, after which the procedure of sash windows draft proofing in Essex will be completed.

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Monitor the condition of window sashes. Proper window care will help you avoid repairs. Double-glazed are made of wood that will serve for many years if preventive measures are taken in time. And if the windows are not wiped, not lubricated, and not monitored, this will lead to a disastrous result. Rattling during strong winds is the minimum problem. There may also be difficulties with opening and closing, destruction of the wood surface, and so on.
Trust the repair to professionals. If your windows require repair, it is better to contact specialists. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you need to replace the glass or windowsill, to conduct complete repair of the sashes, or replace some wooden parts. Qualified specialists will perform necessary works in the shortest possible time and preserve the original look of the windows of your house.

Choose double glazing for sash windows. When you don’t want to replace the original sash, you can install double glazing instead of single glazing. The wooden sashes will be preserved. This solution is suitable for buildings, the repair, and restoration of which requires prior approval from the authorized bodies.

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To replace the glass, it is necessary to dismantle them. Loads are added inside, all work can be carried out only by professionals. Draft protection can be added when replacing glazing. This will reduce the chances of cold air entering your home by 86%. But don’t forget about the most important thing: after eliminating drafts in the house, you should provide ventilation. It will prevent condensation on the glass and the furniture in the house.

Another method is to install secondary glazing. The outside of the windows will not be changed. Specialists will take care of improving insulation and reducing the level of drafts. The principle of work is as follows: another sheet of glass or plastic will be added to the existing window. Air insulation will reduce heat losses by about a third.

If you want to try to improve the properties of your windows yourself, choose a tape that can be attached to the glass with a hairdryer. This temporary option will allow you to wait for the full replacement of the glass unit. There is also a more reliable option — secondary glazing kits, which consist of glasses housed in a thin aluminum frame. You can install them yourself, but it’s better to ask for professional help. It will ensure the tightness of the window and reduce drafts.

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