The Importance of Choosing PVC Wall Cladding Material for Car Wash Garages

Just like remaining consistent in delivering premium-quality car washing and grooming services, maintaining the hygiene standards of a garage is equally important. It doesn’t matter where your garage is located, you will always find some dampness on its walls.

The regular car spa sessions, use of high-pressure hose cleaning, and use of soapy liquids and foams hurt the integrity of garage walls and lead them to crack, fracture, split, and deteriorate over time. If not controlled on time, the high moisture content inside car wash garages can wreak havoc on your business reputation and the interiors.

What is the Reason for Replacing FRP with PVC Panels for Garage Walls?

1oo% waterproof vinyl wall panels from Duramax are made of advanced truss technology, which makes them an ideal choice for all types of wet and humid interiors, like car wash garages. In addition, its impressive lifespan makes it an ideal choice over any other wall-covering material. The lightweight designed plastic panels last 4-5 times longer than FRP and are impervious to moisture attack and water seepage.

How are Moisture-Resistant Washable PVC Panels Beneficial for Garages?


ASTM-certified panels meet FDA compliances and are extremely useful for garage wall paneling. The panels can be customized as per your specifications and requirement, despite being available in ½ inch thickness and 16-inch width. Owing to their water-resistant materials, the panels don’t let moisture seep through and provide a favorable condition for mold and mildew growth.

Mold-free walls prevent bacterial infestation and a disease-ridden environment. In addition, ensuring a contaminated-free ambiance inside car wash garages means fewer sick leaves taken by your employees and reduced chances of low productivity.

Minimal PVC Panel Maintenance Makes Life Less Stressful for the Owners

For most garage owners, keeping up with a sanitized environment is a tough task, owing to the efforts and time involved. They often struggle to develop a permanent solution to keep your garage interiors tidy and hygienic.

However, instead of FRP, PVC installation can reduce your maintenance concerns. Once you have added them to the wall for the garage, you are no more required to scrub them for hours for dirt elimination or to maintain their sheen. Instead, occasional damp-cloth wiping with eco-friendly cleaning agents can do the needful and help them stay brand new for several years.

Furthermore, the bright panel finish doesn’t even attract microbes and dirt, making maintenance easier and more convenient.

Easy Installation Procedure Takes Less Time and Zero Professional Interference

Installing FRP panels on commercial walls doesn’t only need you to look for a couple of professional laborers with experience and skill in the field but also significant time. Garage owners end up keeping their businesses shut for several days for the sake of adding FRP panels. However, with vinyl panel installation, things are less complicated. Even an unskilled contractor can fix the panels on the walls using studs. The invisible fasteners add to the panel’s overall looks and the aesthetics of the restaurant because you aren’t required to deal with unsightly joints.

With the help of a professional laborer, the installation procedure can be completed within 7-8 hours only, not requiring you to face any business downtime anyway.

PVC Panels Control Moisture ─ FRP Panels Cannot


Some of the most common issues commercial garages encounter are oil spills, stains, debris, dirt, and water leakage. You can end all such problems by adding PVC wall and ceiling panels. The backer-free panels don’t come with crevices and hence don’t prove to be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Duramax garage panels are made of pure virgin vinyl, which looks professional. The seamless finishing of the panels is also impervious to chemical and oil spills. In addition, they don’t develop stains, owing to their resistance power.

Duramax is the Leading Solution for Wall Covering

Unlike FRP panels that delaminate, mold, and peel off on contact with water and moisture, PVC panels meet CFIA certification and undergo stringent quality checks before being delivered to your location.

Duramax’s quality-assured panels make sure your garages don’t suffer any moisture-related problems. The panels are highly resistant to chemicals, odor, and condensation. They eliminate excess humidity levels to moisture-proof your garage and keep them clean.

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