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How to Identify Quality Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis is said to be a miracle plant. There are so many different types of cannabis and they’re mostly used for relaxation, pain relief and they can even help you when it comes to depression anxiety, and stress.

Nowadays there are millions of marijuana users all over the world. In the countries where weed is legal, you’re not only allowed to use it for your needs, but you can also no plant and produce it on your own. In case you want to start growing your own plans, then you need to know more about the different cannabis seeds and how you can identify the quality of them.

In this article, we’re going to give you more information on how to recognize the best quality seeds, what you need to pay attention to when purchasing them and how to steer away from those that are not going to either grow or produce a quality plant.

Pay attention to how they look

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The first thing you need to pay attention to is how the seeds look and what color they have. It is said that the best products are going to be darker in color and their hue may include brown, black, or tan color. If you’ve noticed the color is white or the pips are white or pale green, then you’re probably looking at an immature product that is not the right choice for you.


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Now let’s talk about the size and how the shape can help you find out which products are the ones you should go for. If possible, put different pips together to compare them. Look for the ones that are symmetrical and choose the biggest pip that you can find. Note that the ones that are not visually pleasing and that look too small or irregular are usually of the lowest quality, so you should not choose them if you want to have a quality plant.

How the seed feels

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For the next step, you will need to hold the product in your hand. The best way to recognize a healthy product is to take it in your hand and put it between your fingers. Experts suggest that you should try and squeeze it a little bit without pressing too much and see if the seed stays firm.

In case the product seems flexible or if it starts breaking or bending and under pressure then you should not buy it. The low-quality products are going to break and crumble even when you apply a small pressure. You should also pay attention to the way the seed looks before you touch it. You should look for products that seem as if they have a coating of wax on them. Note that you can notice this detail when you put the product under direct sunlight.


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Now let’s talk about something that most people disregard when choosing the right plant for them. You should always pay attention to the store where you purchase the products from. According to, you should buy cannabis seeds only from trusted stores that can give you more information about the plant itself and stores where they can give you tips on how to grow it, and how to produce the best plant.

If you’re not sure which store is the right one, then the best thing you can do is check out ratings and reviews. Note that the new stores that are trying to make their way on the market can be either really good or really bad. Because of this, and especially if you are new to cannabis growing then you should only choose trusted places recommended by a lot of users. If you don’t know anyone who could recommend a store for you, then you should just go online and find several places that seem like they are the real deal. If possible, reach out to customer support and see what they tell you about their experience, business, and knowledge. Look for places that have a lot of different types of weed to offer and that can be there every step of the way. Note that these stores will be open to you reaching out to them in case you have any issues with the growing process.

What it does when submerged in water

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The last way that you can check if a pip is good or not is to just submerge it in water. It is said that the float test will easily show you if the pip is healthy or not. Note that when it comes to this test you cannot perform it in the store so you will have to buy a small quantity of the seed you’re interested in and see if they are viable.

For this test, you will need to put your pip in a bowl of water and leave it there for a few hours. Check to see if the seed floats or if it sinks to the bottom of the bowl. In case the kernel floats then you probably have an unhealthy product in your hand. Opposed to this, if the product sinks, then it is most likely healthy and you should plant it as soon as possible. In case you leave the wet kernel to just stand in an open place, chances are, it will start to mold or get damaged.

These are some of the ways you can use to check and see if the product you plan on purchasing and planting is healthy. Note that age is extremely important as well, so you should never buy products that are several months or years old. If you buy by the seeds and cannot plant them right away you should store them in a cold and dark please so they don’t get in touch with moisture, water, or direct sunlight.

If you’re not sure which pips are the best, you can always talk to the professionals at the store you plan on making your purchase from, and see what they recommend. Users say that you will choose the wrong seeds at least once in your life, so if that happens to you, you should take it only as a learning experience. Use these tips and pay attention to the looks, size, and age of the seed and you should be able to easily find the right ones for you. You can also visit this website and find some great choices on their website.

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