Top Ideas For Successful Virtual Coffee Breaks

Virtual coffee breaks are designed to help remote employees interact and bond effectively. They are great brainstorming sessions that can help employees network and chat. They are effective in team building, especially when it comes to remote working. These low-fidelity activities can help employees reenergize and engage effectively. You can use them to monitor and guide your employees. However, be sure to use the virtual mentoring best practices. The following are ideas for holding successful virtual coffee breaks.

Quick Workout

You can also indulge in a quick workout. Chat while going about the quick workout session. Consider encouraging your employees to engage in rapid aerobics and pushups as they hold conversations online. Jogging and simple walks are also great ideas you can try as you hold your conversations. Workouts are effective team-building activities. They also keep you fit.

Mini Dance Parties

Don’t force your remote team into a coffee conversation. Instead, encourage your team to participle in an awkward dance. A two-minute dance will rejuvenate you. It will energize the participants. You can also try yoga dance. Indulging in a mini dance while taking coffee will create strong bonds and improve productivity.


Pub Trivia

At times, virtual meetings can be monotonous. However, that doesn’t mean shunning these conversations. You can change the way you conduct your virtual coffee conversations. Think creatively. Indulge in pub-style trivia. Alternatively, consider forming small teams. You can also compete individually or through small teams. Come up with creative thinking-based questions.


Mediation can help you to refresh. It reduces levels of stress. Thus, you can engage in mediation. Use YouTube to achieve guided meditation. Ask all members to embrace a moment of silence. From here, consider following a guided mediation process. There are several mediation videos on YouTube. Choose an effective video to help you during this process. Select short but highly interactive mediation videos.

Round Robin Exercises

You can also turn to quick exercises during coffee conversations. For instance, you can try the Gratitude Round Robins exercises. These exercises entail going around a circle and naming key things you love about any of your team members. This way, you can show gratitude to your coworkers. These exercises are effective in helping teams bond. They can also help you connect with other team members, which is highly refreshing. Use these exercises to reduce levels of stress and improve productivity.


Try Snacks

Taking snacks together is also another great way to have virtual coffee conversations. This is an excellent activity that can help you bond, chat, and create networks. These activities can be done during coffee breaks. Test new snacks during these sessions. Consider procuring snacks in advance. Also, ask the team members to sign up before the actual snack-tasting session.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let remote working overwhelm your employees. Remember, remote working can lead to anxiety and even depression because it isolates employees from one another. As a human resource department, create virtual coffee breaks. These breaks help employees chat. They are also effective in team building. Use the above ideas to organize successful virtual coffee breaks.

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