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How to Write Blogs on Technical Topics

Writing blogs has become a very common practice nowadays. As information is abundant due to the availability of the Internet, becoming a technical blogger doesn’t seem to be such a big deal. What matters the most is the fact that your posts should have a different flavor and should be able to retain the attention of readers. Here are some tips that you could follow if you are planning to write a technical blog:

Blogs should be written keeping a high schooler in mind

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Deciding the level of complexity while writing a technical blog is crucial. For example, if a well-versed web developer writes a blog on complex topics like AJAX or Ruby on Rails, it might not be comprehendible to many readers. So, writing a fascinating blog is not an idea. You should be able to explain something complex in such a lucid way that it becomes easy for even a tech-savvy high school student to understand. If you can get a hang of the writing style, blogs are a great way to make money online.

Writing should be simple with relevant links included

Big topics should be broken into different sections and too much information should not be loaded. If the topic is complicated and needs a lot of explanation, break it down into sub-parts so that audience does not need to read it at the same go. Also, provide links of related posts for readers with a voracious appetite. Instead of providing every technical detail in one blog, hyperlinks can be used to re-direct interested users to more details.

Use examples and illustrations

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Illustrations are very important. When you are writing on technical topics, there are many jargons that do not make sense to the readers unless explained. For example, topics related to online casino blogs, such as this one on a huge jackpot win, can be explained better by giving examples and delving into the workings of the concerned game. Examples help to drive information to the point. Another powerful tool, which can be used here, is an analogy. If you can compare the workings of a complex problem to a simple topic, readers will be able to understand easily. Analogies work great in helping people remember different topics in the long run.

Easy formatting

Formatting creates a lot of impact on people reading a blog. It is easier to read topics with relevant heading and sub-headings instead of reading the same information in big paragraphs. Usage of bullets, indentation, white spaces, etc. should be taken care of while writing.

Language must be expressive

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A problem with writing technical blogs is that there is not much freedom to use the kind of attractive language that is found in fiction. There is a high chance that your article may sound monotonous if you just state facts and figures. So, use evocative phrases to make your topic come alive and grab the attention of readers.


The above tips can help to improve the style of writing technical blogs. However, each author has a unique flair and different knowledge levels. This is what creates the actual difference.

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