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How To Groom A Dog With Long Hair Using A Brush – 2024 Guide

It does not matter what breed your dog is. A Havanese, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, an Afghan Hound, so long it has long hair, there is a huge likelihood that it is beautiful. The beauty of long-haired dogs is even more pronounced if they are groomed properly. While proper grooming can make any dog with long hair appear truly beautiful, not being properly groomed can leave a dog with long hair looking dirty and matted.

For a dog breed with long hair to always look its best, it has to be groomed very frequently. If not groomed regularly, its long hair can hinder its proper movement and can cause sores, as well as skin infections.

Do you have any plans to buy a long-haired canine? If yes, you should be ready to put in a lot of effort into ensuring that it is properly groomed daily as you can see here.

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Dog’s Point of View

There are various types of dogs with long hair. Some of these dogs are very particular about how they look. Others cannot care any less about what they look like. There are also some long-haired canines that do not want to have anything to do with grooming, which is set aside for long-haired dogs.

So, the grooming method that you will have to make use of is a lot dependent on the type of long-haired dog you own. Irrespective of the kind of long-haired dog you have.

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If you can make grooming time a fun time for your dog, the entire process will become a lot easier. To make sure that your dog is comfortable being groomed, it is important that you begin grooming it while it is still very young. You should also be very gentle while grooming it.

This way, your dog can get used to being groomed.  It is not just enough to begin grooming your dog early. It is equally important to groom it regularly as this will prevent its hair from getting tangled and forming knots.

Steps in Grooming a Long-haired Dog

Your long-haired dog can be groomed in a few steps. Let’s walk through them.

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Lay it on its back

This should be done every day. After laying your dog on its back, take away its collar and brush it with the use of a pin brush. If your dog is big, you can make it lie on a blanket. However, if it is small, then it should be made to lie on your laps.

Brush its Underside

This step involves brushing the under legs, the belly, and the underside of your dog with the use of a pin brush. You can also make use of a rotating comb.

Part. Spray. Comb

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Get the hair on your dog parted. Once you do this, comb it starting from its root to its tip. To make this easy, feel free to apply a spray conditioner.

Brush its sides and back

After brushing your dog’s underside, make it lie on its belly and brush it some more


Smoothen its hair with the use of a soft brush.

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