How to Get a List of Shopify Stores?

When you run an eCommerce business, you strive to achieve the highest level of turnover. This is an entirely normal situation for an entrepreneur. Truth? But to make that happen, you sometimes have to know the selling tactics of your competitors, find inspiration to improve your shop and product line, or cooperate with other stores.

Whether you are a Shopify seller or not, it will do no harm to browse through the list of Shopify stores and study their selling strategies. A new player may appear on the market. In addition, the leading competitor may strengthen. Therefore, it is necessary to be constantly aware of competitors’ actions. You can’t do without competitor analysis when placing in digital. It helps to identify approaches to promoting competitors, understand one’s target audience better, and build a long-term digital media strategy.

This article will show you where and how you can get a list of stores registered with Shopify. The methods are simple, you can see for yourself if you read the text below.

Why Should You Look at Other Shopify Stores?


Even though you may think that studying other Shopify stores is just a waste of time, let us give you some good reasons for changing your point of view:

Analyze the market before getting into it

If you hesitate about whether you should sell on Amazon vs Shopify or any other platform, it would be good to get insights into the marketplace by studying the stores. In this way, you will decide on the most suitable sales channel. You may even want to sell through multiple platforms, which is easy with SellerSkills. Our platform allows you to manage multi-channel sales from one place. In our application, Shopify is positioned as the main store. Integration between Amazon, eBay, and Walmart stores are already spreading from Shopify. More information on integration with Shopify is available on our website:

Know whom you are competing with

Get a list of your direct and indirect rivals to learn their sales strategies, customer satisfaction rates, how they position their products, and more to work out a tactic that will make you stand out in the niche.

Get inspiration from successful stores

If you start your Shopify shop from scratch or would like to dramatically improve the existing one, you can learn a lot from sellers who have already gained a decent level of success. Taking experience from competitors is also a successful strategy for the development of your business!

Getting a list of Shopify stores won’t take much time, but it will unlock access to valuable information that will help you create a thriving Shopify shop how to get a list of shopify stores?

There are multiple ways that would let you quickly find Shopify stores. Let us introduce the most effective ones to you.

  • Using the “inurl” Command. Currently, it works best on Google.
  • The “inurl” command enables you to see the results the search engine picks out for you based on the search term. In other words, you will see the URLs that include a specific search term. In our case, it’s

So, to make this method work, paste this command in the Google search engine bar:

This way, you will get a list of results containing in their URL. Do not forget to include quotation marks in your search query; as a result, it will be more accurate in this case.

Using Source Code Search Engine


A third-party source code search engine tool will allow you to spot a list of websites containing a specific part of the HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and plain text in the source code. You can go with any source code search engine software you can find on the market.

To get a list of Shopify stores, enter in the search field of a chosen app and click the Search button.

Using the IP Address

Shopify has a single IP address for the stores – You can use third-party tools that allow you to search the URLs with a particular IP. There are plenty of options on the market, so finding the software won’t be a problem.

Checking Powered by Shopify URLs

Like in the first method, you will only need the search bar to generate a list of Shopify stores. Finding Shopify stores using Goggle is easy. Just paste this phrase in the search bar.

Another way ─ You can sign up at

This platform shows the trends of web technologies on the Internet and covers many Internet technologies, such as analytics, advertising, hosting, online stores, and much more. Only the active part of the sites on this platform is shown here.

For example, click on the link Web Technology Usage Trends – Shopify. Then, if you create a user profile, you can download reports, for example, the completed list of Shopify stores. In addition, you can select other available settings (click on the Options button). Also, to download the list in .xls and .csv formats, use the XLS and CSV links next to the result files. Easy!



As you see, you don’t have to be a first-class developer to get a list of Shopify stores. These five methods are fairly simple, but they will give you a chance to study the Shopify market to gain inspiration and a competitive advantage in your niche (write in the comments what other methods you know to get a list of websites that use Shopify. Maybe we didn’t write something.) Don’t delay, try these methods now. Now you know where to find a list of Shopify stores.

Perhaps, after analyzing competitors’ sites, you will find inspiration and create new products or understand your competitive advantage. Focusing on your unique strengths and refusing to follow the crowd may seem like a paradoxical but strategically intelligent approach. Your difference from others is your advantage! Try, analyze, do not stand still, and you will succeed.

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