How to Find a Family Tree ─ Know the Key Points

Finding a missing sibling is very difficult, but there are several ways that can help solve this problem. One of the best solutions is sibling DNA testing. This test analyzes about 35 tags to help you find your missing sibling.

With sibling DNA testing from PaternityUSA, you can get accurate results at an affordable price. They offer a variety of DNA tests, including full siblings, half-siblings and more.

A person will search for a lost or unknown sibling for many reasons. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to help you find your sister.

Gather Facts From Your Relatives or Ancestors

Your relatives or elders such as uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, cousins, aunts, and others may know about your family. Take time to gather information from them.

Ask them for basic details such as full names, places and dates of birth, names of siblings, etc. Also, ask them to identify the places or people in the photos. By this, you can get new details and refresh your memories.

Get a DNA Test


The most recommended step to finding your sibling is a sibling DNA test. It helps you locate your biological family. For this test, you need to collect blood, hair, toothbrush, or other. DNA testing experts will find the right match for you by researching members of your family tree.

Contact the State

If you are adopted by someone, you can contact the state to obtain the records associated with the adoption. Although laws may vary from state to state, you can still find details about your birth parent or parents. Through this, you will get to know your brother. Upon request, the state will provide the necessary documents with your brother’s details.

After learning about your sibling’s existence, you can locate your sibling through sibling DNA testing.

Upload DNA Results to Websites

After you receive your DNA results, download and upload them to websites. Through this, you can find matching DNA, such as siblings (siblings or half-siblings) who have had their DNA tested.

Learn How to Research Genealogy


Learning about genealogy research won’t just help you know about your unknown sibling. You will also have the opportunity to learn about your relatives. The information you gather from them will help you learn about your parents. Through this, you can discover your brother.

Talk to Your Birth Parents

If you can talk to your birth parents (mother, father, or both) then talk to them to find out if you have a sibling. Although it is not possible in all cases, if you can, then try to talk to them.

Check Close Relatives DNA

If you opt for a sibling DNA test, you will have many people on your match list, such as your first cousin or third cousin. With DNA matches, you can learn about biological family or relatives who may know about your sibling.

Gather information about the accredited laboratory that provides accurate DNA results and contact us today to meet your loving brother or sister.

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