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How To Choose The Best Flowers For Every Occasion

We all know that choosing a gift for an occasion is quite overwhelming and time-consuming. However, you cannot go wrong if you opt for gifting flowers. They make a good present for any life event, from someone giving birth to weddings, birthdays and anniversaries – you will be able to find the perfect bouquet. But, a lot of people might get confused or feel uncertain about what type is suitable for a specific occasion. There are some things that you will want to think about such as the type and color, as well as the recipient’s taste, what the flowers mean, and how they will fit the person’s home. The text below will help you learn about what flower is good for a specific event. Let’s take a closer look at the article:

Flower Arrangements for Weddings

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No matter how big your wedding will be or if you will have it at a church or beach, the most important decoration aspect is the flower arrangements you opt for. Keep in mind that you cannot go wrong with the arrangements for your wedding since you will probably want to match them with your wedding venue, location, and theme. Similarly to fashion, flower trends also change annually, however, the colors most couples chose this year include blush, pink, and gentle mint green. Peonies and traditional garden roses were all extremely popular with couples.

Some other combinations that you could choose include the evergreen gold and silver combination, purple and dark green, as well as white and red color combinations. Some brides-to-be chose arrangements that either match the dresses of her bridesmaids’ or their own dress. So, when it comes to choosing your arrangements, you should keep your theme and concept in mind.

Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

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New Year’s is near us and that means that Valentine’s Day is also around the corner. Although the traditional flowers for this occasion are red roses, there are some other ones that are also romantic and have specific meanings, just like red roses. For example, chrysanthemums symbolize perfection, love, and the Sun, while white carnations represent purity and true love. If your relationship started recently, primroses are a great choice.

As you know, love is felt by our heart, hence, most men and women choose red for their flowers. But, know that any color – especially your partner’s favorite color or one that is meaningful for both of you – will be appropriate. If you opt for going with the traditional option which is roses, keep in mind that each color represents something different. Roses that are red symbolize love, yellow friends, pink ones show admiration to someone, while the white rose represents purity and being innocent.

Birthday Flower Arrangements

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A bouquet paired with a bottle of wine, candies or another gift is perfect for birthdays. Almost all flowers ca be gifted as a birthday present including carnations, daisies, orchids, lilies, and so on. For instance, if you want to gift your best friend flowers, you could opt for lilies since they represent modesty, virtue, sweetness, and innocence. If you are interested in seeing lily flower arrangements, check out floraqueen.

Just like we all have birthstone, we have birth flowers as well. If you want to make the gift even more meaningful, opt for gifting a birth flower to that special someone. Each of them represents something else. Let’s take a look at what each of the birth flowers represents:

– Carnations (January) – appreciation, sensation, beauty, women, love, and pride.

– Iris (February) – wisdom, friendship, valor, faith, and desire.

– Daffodils (March) – rebirth, joy, happiness, and new chapters in life.

– Daisies (April) – joy, luck, happiness, and playfulness.

Lilies (May) – sweetness, virtue, humility, and honor.

– Roses (June) – perfection, love, passion, purity, and beauty.

– Delphiniums (July) – open-heartedness, freshness, and beauty.

– Gladiolas (August) – moral integrity, charm, power, and romance.

– Asters (September) – sophistication, intelligence, beauty, and strength.

Marigolds (October) – grace, fondness, elegance, maturity.

– Chrysanthemums (November) – the sun, perfection, happiness, optimism.

– Poinsettias (December) – joy, cheer, happiness, humbleness.

Mother’s Day Flowers

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Picking a bouquet for your mom or grandmother is extremely simple. The one thing you will need to know is what her favorite one is and if she has several favorite flowers, you can consider getting her an arrangement made from all of them. If you are not entirely sure of what your mom likes, daisies and marigold are all acceptable. They all represent love, affection, and elegance – which are the characteristics of every mom out there.

Winter Holiday Arrangements

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If you will attend a Christmas or New Year’s party, do not forget to buy a present. Your hosts will certainly love a floral arrangement that they can decorate their homes with. Some of the choices for winter bouquets include poinsettias, irises, and amaryllises and you can also choose from a wide range of colors including pink, yellow, green, as well as white, red, and many more. You can also combine several of them to make a nice festive arrangement for your host.

Sympathy Flower Arrangements

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Although it is not considered as a gift, people tend to bring flowers as a way to show sympathy. Sadly, if you are going to attend a funeral, make sure that the arrangement you choose is appropriate. You do not want something that is too bright or large, rather something that could be placed on the gravesite later on or something that the grieving family can take home. Whatever arrangement and you opt for, make sure that you include a sympathy card with the bouquet. Baskets of lilies or hydrangeas are among the most popular choices for funerals.


As previously mentioned, there are somethings that you will need to consider when choosing bouquets. Firstly, determine what the event or the occasion is, second, think about what your partner, friend, or family member loves, and third, choose an arrangement that will show how much thought you have put into your gift. Keep these simple tips in mind and you will not go wrong with your flower choice!

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