Designer Sofas ─ How to Choose the Right Fabric

A sofa is the furniture element that gets much attention in the living area. The modern choice of sofas is limitless. Whether you want to complement your interior with a classic style, look for gold accents and ornate woodwork, or choose more extraordinary geometric forms and patterns, the fabric is the first aspect to consider.

Experts agree that upholstery creates the whole image. The fabric you choose has a direct impact on the longevity and functionality of your sofa. When it comes to furniture, it is expected to last long and look brand new. So how to select the best fabric for a designer sofa? Go on, and you will find tips to help you make the right choice.

What Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Sofa Fabric?


Along with thinking about the aesthetic aspect of a sofa, many other characteristics are worth considering. Here are the points to think over before choosing the designer sofa fabric.


First and foremost is to set a budget you are ready to spend. Indeed, depending on the fabric type, the furniture price will differ. For example, you can expect fabric sofas to be 5%–25% cheaper than leather ones. Besides, the color scheme for more exclusive upholstery models can be richer than for basic materials. Thus, your first aspect to consider should be the price.


To ensure the sustainability and durability of the designer sofa, it is essential to plan who will be the common users of the furniture. Will it be intended for everyday use where kids and pets will have a rest? Or will it be used only when you invite guests to your house?

For frequent use, it is appropriate to choose washable fabric, easy to remove stains from like cotton. For rare events, more extravagant fabrics like linen or velvet will suit.


When looking for a designer sofa, you should have some visions of the room and how it will complement it. Determined by the overall style of your interior, the color, pattern, and decor of the fabric should be taken into account. A sofa can change the whole room style, so choosing the best suitable color is essential. For brighter ones, adjusting the room design will be more complicated.


A sofa is not only a furniture element or a part of room design. Its initial purpose is to make it comfortable for a person to sit on. So along with the look, consider how cozy it is to utilize the fabric. For that matter, you just have to feel through your skin whether it is calming and restful to sit on a sofa.

What Fabric Options to Choose From?

The fabric types are usually divided into leather and other fabric options. So let’s look at their functionality closer.


We all know cotton fabric as we use it almost every day when wearing cotton clothes. This material is soft and comfortable and can come in different colors. As for the benefits of choosing cotton, this fabric is hypoallergenic, breathable, and easy to wash.

You can literally wash cotton cushions by yourself. The downside of this material is that it will not last long staying in a lot of light.



Exquisite velvet is luring buyers with its elegant nature and luxurious look. By choosing velvet, you choose comfort and soft structure. And together with the aesthetic side, this fabric is also durable.

Undoubtedly, you can select velvet if you have kids and want your sofa to stay long. The cons of velvet are that it is challenging to remove stains, and you can see dust on it more often than on other fabrics. Velvet is also not breathable, so it won’t fit warm climates well.



Linen impresses with its functionality. Along with a great look, this fabric is easy to clean and is resistant to mildew. You can easily choose linen for everyday use and for every climate. It is breathable and hypoallergenic. Another advantage is that it can come in different designs, colors, or patterns.

But linen also has its drawbacks. You will see wrinkles on this material very soon after the purchase, so it might look like the sofa has been present for some time in your room.



Everyone is familiar with leather sofas. This piece of furniture is not only elegant but looks very classic and rich. The benefit of leather is that it can last for years, as the durability of this material indeed stands out from any other fabric.

Besides, it is easy to clean. There is no need to have the sofa professionally washed. However, leather is expensive. This material might not be very cozy in winter, and it is absolutely not breathable.


Final Words

Choosing fabric for a designer sofa is a responsible moment. The selection process covers many aspects, including a budget, audience, style, and comfort. When you decide what purpose your sofa will serve, you will be ready to come to the diversity of sofa fabrics.

Every material has its pros and cons. So make your choice deliberately and then enjoy your sofa for many years.

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