How to Automate Indoor Growing and Grow the Best Plants of Your Life

Growing plants indoors has been a popular hobby for millions of people all around the world but growers are often limited by the types of plants they’re able to grow indoors – a lot of plants need extra lighting or better airflow than we can provide them by putting them on a windowsill.

Yet, there is still a way to grow healthy plants indoors and grow plants that are not commonly found indoors – everything from tropical plants to fruiting plants. Instead of just growing your plants on the windowsill, give them a grow tent with LED grow lights and a ventilation system.

You’ll be able to grow anything you’ve ever dreamed of. But, you might be thinking, it has to be difficult and would require a lot of maintenance! Well, you’d be surprised, there are a lot of ways to make growing easier and more fun, simply by automating your indoor growing equipment with an easy to use and easy to set up smart grow system!


What is a smart grow system? It is not so different than using any other app on your smartphone. The VIVOSUN GrowHub and VIVOSUN App are the perfect examples of this – the GrowHub controller is a small box that attaches to your grow tent and connects with the cables that are included with your equipment.

Simply plug your equipment into the controller and its power on – once it is activated it will control your equipment by the settings that you input into the controller.

It gets easier! With an App, you’re able to control all of your equipment and the health of your plants through an intuitive interface. What makes a controller and app so special is how flexible and functional these devices can be.

The primary use of the app is to be able to set automatic operation – control your light on and off times, control how strong your lights are so you can match that to your plant’s needs, set your ventilation airflow, set your air circulation so you can refresh the humidity in your space.


Automation is just the first step in a number of amazing features you can get from a controller – what makes the controller so useful is that manufacturers have designed the perfect operating conditions according to your plants and their needs in various stages of growth. These pre-programmed settings help control the operation of your equipment without you needing to lift a finger.

But, these devices can go even further – you can use design your programs so you can create the perfect spectrum, airflow, light intensity, and on and off periods according to the specific plant you have.

Everything can be automated and controlled and can be done from anywhere in the world, from your home to your office to your workshop, wherever you go you can create the perfect environment needed and grow the best, most interesting plants you’ve ever had.

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