From Listing To Sale: How Opensooq Can Help You Sell Your Car In The UAE

Trying to sell a car in the United Arab Emirates can be difficult, regardless of whether you’re an expat or a native. The process can be tedious and exasperating. However, do not despair, because OpenSooq is dedicated to streamlining your sales process. By creating an account, you will be able to interact with an enormous user base spread throughout the country. The website has attracted a large audience throughout the UAE and has expedited the process of selling and buying new and second hand cars in Dubai.

This article is a guide that will take you through every step of the process that OpenSooq has in place to help you sell your car. So, let’s dive right in and get that automobile sold in no time!

Step 1: Creating an Account

To initiate the process of selling your car, the first step is to visit the OpenSooq website and locate the register button for streamlined registration. Subsequently, you will be prompted by the website to furnish your name and phone number to finalize the registration process. Upon successful completion of the registration process, you are now just a solitary step away from advertising your car for quick sales on OpenSooq.

Step 2: Create a listing for a used car for sale in Dubai


The listing process for your used car for sale in UAE on OpenSooq is easy. Once you have registered, click on the “Sell” button, and once you have been redirected, select the ‘Cars” sections. Here you will be asked to provide detailed information about your car, which includes the model, make, mileage, and any other relevant information. At this juncture, it is very important to provide accurate data on your car since the website has been able to authenticate that a complete listing proves to be more attractive to customers. It is also advisable to take high-quality photos that can showcase the product and increase customers’ attraction to it.

Step 3: Set the price.

Setting a realistic price for your product is another potential marketing strategy that may attract potential buyers. It is advisable to do research to substantiate the price range that similar cars are being sold at before settling on a price. A realistic price will potentially attract more buyers; hence, it is essential to ascertain that the price listing is reflective of the condition and mileage of the car you are selling.

Step 4: Add keywords.

To make your car listing more visible to potential buyers and increase traffic to your listing, it is empirically necessary that you add appropriate keywords to your car sales. It is important to ensure that the page has important keywords, for instance, “Cars for Sale in UAE” or “Used cars for sale in Dubai.” Ethically, when you add such keywords, you are assured of more appearances when clients search for cars using such or related information.

Step 5: Promote your listing.

OpenSooq gives the sellers various options through which they can promote their listing and increase their market visibility for used cars in the UAE. For instance, you can use the feature of your listing where it is listed under the normal sales listing or sell it under the urgent tag, where the car will be highlighted as an urgent tag listing. These urgent tag sales promotions will help you attract more potential buyers from the site, therefore selling your car faster; however, they can potentially attract more charges.

Step 6: Connect with Potential Buyers


The website offers private chat between buyers and sellers; therefore, with the appropriate listing, it is eminent that potential buyers will send you messages seeking to purchase your car; therefore, keep an eye out. It is advisable to respond to the buyers promptly when they inquire and keep up-to-date data on your car to help the buyers have better insight into what they are purchasing. You should also be available for scheduled appointments with buyers or viewers to help satisfy buyers who would like to view these products before purchasing.

Step 7: Negotiate and finalize the sales

Always be prepared to negotiate prices and other sales terms with potential clients to reach a mutually agreed-upon sales price. Once you have a mutually agreed price, be sure to complete the necessary paperwork and transfer ownership and car registration details.

Step 8: Enjoy your selling experience.


At OpenSooq, we provide an open, safe, and secure space for buyers and sellers of cars and other products. With our secure messaging software and user verification entities, we protect your data and screen potential scammers before they can cause any harm to our consumers. Enjoy your selling experience conveniently at OpenSooq, knowing you are in good hands.

At OpenSooq, selling your used cars in Dubai is a simple and efficient process. By following the aforementioned steps and taking advantage of the platform’s integrated features, your car sales are hustle-free and very fast in the UAE.

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