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How Long Does It Take To Grow A Marijuana Plant

Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the world and our country. It is a green, brownish, or gray mixture of finely chopped dried flowers, leaves, stems, and seeds of Indian hemp called Cannabis sativa. It looks like finer or coarser cut tobacco with a characteristic smell of dried hay, the burning of which releases a strong, slightly sweet, smell of burning dry leaves. They are obtained by processing the leaves and flowers (cutting, drying, grinding) of hemp plants.

Cannabis is an annual plant (male and female) in the form of a bush one to two meters high. The parts of the plant prepared for use contain 4 -12% of the active ingredient. The main ingredient in marijuana (among 400 other ingredients) is the compound THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). The membranes of certain nerve cells contain protein receptors that bind THC, which is absorbed into adipose tissue in various organs. When it settles, THC releases a series of cellular reactions that change the state of consciousness. The effects of marijuana depend on the strength and potency of the THC it contains. All over the world, people in suits, of questionable knowledge and motives, have banned its cultivation, possession, and consumption and put it on the list of narcotics and psychotropic substances.

On the other hand, it is estimated that approximately 190 million people worldwide consume this plant. And although smoking has been around for thousands of years, not a single death caused by an overdose has been recorded so far. The fact is that an overdose would require smoking as much as 680 kilograms of grass within half an hour, which is a little too much for even the most ardent fans. Even if you managed to smoke so much, you would not die from THC (the psychoactive substance responsible for all these miraculous side effects after consumption), but from carbon monoxide poisoning from the smoke.

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Many people grow this plant at home which is not that difficult if you take into account a few very important items such as soil, temperature, light, and season time. In almost all countries, only certain varieties of cannabis with up to 0.2% THC are allowed to be grown. However, it is important to choose a good-quality seed. Learn more about it on ZmoothieZ.

From the day you plant your seeds, you can expect to pick this plant in 4 months. In indoor cultivation, the life cycle of marijuana lasts shorter than in outdoor cultivation due to the greater ability to control nutrients, water, and other conditions needed for the plant to mature. The growth time of the Auto-Flowering type of cannabis is shorter compared to other types of Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa, but this is also reflected in the final yield.

Frequent seeding mistakes

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The first and biggest mistake of beginner breeders is that they experiment with breeding and work on “their hand”. Always inform yourself before breeding about everything you will need from him because someone in the world has already had this problem and the solution for it is online. It is important that you “google” possible solutions before each decision. The next mistake marijuana cultivation in beginners is that they either don’t have the will to learn or think it doesn’t matter for cultivation. For proper marijuana cultivation, it is necessary to study each cultivation item such as e.g. light cycles or soil type or required Ph for proper cultivation. Although there is a possibility to grow your plant to the end without special knowledge, it is much more likely that your cultivation will not be successful if you enter the cultivation only with your knowledge.

How is it done?

Marijuana cultivation can be both internal and external. Growing marijuana indoors, under artificial lighting, in a simulated environment (“grow box”) can be very suitable for beginners. In indoor cultivation, you have control over everything the plant needs and ingests. From nutrients, water, light, and earth there are other things that you have a direct impact on. It is very important when choosing your location for indoor cultivation to pay attention to the temperature in the plant environment. Marijuana is best suited to temperatures of 25-30 ° C while young, and in the last stages of cultivation, temperatures of around 25 ° C are most suitable.

Outdoor breeding is the cheapest type of breeding. To grow marijuana outdoors you need space, sun, seeds, and willpower. You do not have to worry about purchasing special lighting, Ph, etc. But outdoor marijuana cultivation brings new problems such as privacy (a good isolated location), possible pollination, theft of plants, parasites, animals, and other pests found in nature. Nature is your best ally in outdoor farming, but sometimes it is your biggest enemy. Today, you can’t grow almost anything out there if you don’t take care of it. In times of drought, the plant needs to be watered abundantly, if there is too much rain you need to protect the plant from water. It is a good rule when growing if it is too hot for you and the plant is too cold, if you are too cold, it is probably too cold for the plant, so if you have large temperature differences in your area, we advise you to place the plant outside in a small greenhouse.

How to use it?

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It is usually smoked wrapped in cigarettes (called joints) or in a pipe (hookah). It has a stronger smell than tobacco in a cigarette, as well as tobacco in a pipe. Unlike tobacco, marijuana smoke is not filtered and stays in the lungs longer when smoked. In recent years, other drugs have been added to marijuana cigarettes, such as crack cocaine, crushed tablets, which is called chemistry. Some users take marijuana with food or drink it as tea.


Marijuana is the mildest and weakest hallucinogenic agent. The effect is noticed after a few inhaled clouds of smoke, reaching a maximum after 15-30 minutes. The effect of one smoked cigarette lasts two to three hours. When drunk or eaten, marijuana affects after half an hour with a duration of three to six hours.

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