How do different Instagram Story Viewers work?

Do you secretly want to watch Instagram stories secretly? Are you well aware of Instagram story viewers? There are various ways to watch Instagram stories which will help you to watch other people’s stories. Since you are wondering what is the Instagram story viewer? Then there is quick information about the story viewers.

What are the story viewers?

The story viewer is the tool to see Instagram stories but a bit of difference is that this tool helps you to hide your view. It means that you have watched the story but the person in the story doesn’t know that you have already seen their story. In simple words, we count this tool as the secret agent that is hiding your story view. Instanavigation is the best tool of all and they work in their own way.

This tool helps you to secretly spy on other people’s activity. The amazing thing is that you don’t have to make an account or anything else. All you have to do is just get this tool and boom! You can do everything. Usually, this tool works as an online website or an app. You can type the person’s account name and see their stories and posts. Isn’t it amazing? Well. Stick with us and discover how these tools work and the different story viewers below. So, let’s start.

How does it work?


Once you got to know about this tool then you wonder if it is easy to use or if you can’t handle this tool. Don’t worry because you can use this tool very easily. Not a complicated process and it requires simple steps to work.

Choose the tool or install it

It is obvious that to start this process you have to choose the story viewer tool first. Pick the tool that you want to use. As I have mentioned above, there are various tools available online which will help you to view stories. Somehow these tools have the same features and services but the difference is some are paid and some are free. Some are online sites and some are apps. To find a particular one that is best to use then you have to research or wait a while because some best tools are discussed below.

Select the person and find the profile

The next step that will help some is finding the person to whom you want to talk to secretly or spy on them. Here is the point when the person you choose to watch is onto you. It can be a person’s profile or either it can be an Instagram page. Further, you have to type the selected account username. It makes it easier to find the person’s stories and posts when you know about their account username and profile.

See the stories

So, here comes the last step in which you get what you want. So, after getting the desired profile or page now you can watch their entire Instagram account secretly and none will ever know about this. This tool not only helps you see the stories and posts but you can see what other activities they are performing and their highlights. Don’t regret that later if you haven’t decided to use it.

What are the features?


Different tools are available and different benefits are provided. Each tool is good to use and has its particular features and services. It is all upon you whether you choose a tool which is worth using or you have to choose one which is just a waste of time.

You all know that fake users are also there so be cautious when you are choosing the right tool. If the fake tool you have chosen then nothing is going to help you. The story viewer provides limited features and benefits. They don’t fool others by informing them about fake benefits. To know about the features then read further.

No cost service

The feature that a true story viewer provides is that they don’t cost you a penny for installation or other activities. The fake tool requires login fees and they don’t even provide complete services. This is a scam and you should have to be aware of this. The story viewer won’t require any fees or a large amount of payment. Mostly the story viewers are free of cost and they are so much easy to use.

Guarantee incognito mode

The story viewer provides you to avail of the incognito mode on the account. They promise to keep your privacy and don’t let others know that you are using their app. They keep all the information private and also guarantee you that they are staying anonymous. Watch the stories and other stuff secretly through this too.

Save the content


The other best feature is that now you all save the content of Instagram through this tool. Besides just watching, you can also save the content and watch it later. If you want to show someone else then you can save and show it later through this tool.

Easy to find users

You can easily search through these tools and the account or any page just requires a perfect username. They don’t create any kind of difficulty and allow you easily search through this tool. Once you find it and then nothing to worry about finding.

Provide a guide to use

These are easy to use and have a 3-step process. Mostly these tools are as simple as described above but some others might have the registration but they provide you with proper guidelines. A guide is always available that will help you in each step. In case you have any problem then blogs are also a resource to understand the tool.

Bottom line

In this article, you will know how the story viewers work and what beneficial features they are providing to you. The features of story viewer are also discussed above which will help anyone to know why it is used.

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