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How Divorced Parents Can Use Technology to Avoid Conflict

Getting a divorce is a stressful and difficult period for anyone, and sometimes the drama does not stop even after the divorce is finalized. Parents will have to work together in raising their children for years, but establishing proper communication can be extremely hard. Most want to avoid fighting in front of their kids since they are conscious of the impact the divorce has on them, but co-parenting can prove to be quite a daunting task for many.

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Technological development has generally changed the way people communicate and many divorced couples are turning to it to help them establish a better co-parenting relationship.

Meeting your former partner can often be a stressful occasion, so using technology to talk is great for avoiding face-to-face interactions. There are many ways technology can help avoid conflict, so let’s take a look at some ways that can be achieved.

Text Messaging Apps

Texting allows a quick exchange of information and enables co-parents to talk without having to pick up the phone, talk in person, or turn their child into a messenger. Text messages are usually less emotionally charged since they give one time to think and are also short and straight to the point.

If one receives a message that is triggering they can take the time to cool off and objectively consider their words and tone. It is a great way to avoid unnecessary arguments.

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Shared Online Calendars

Online calendars are convenient for coordinating schedules and avoiding confusion. It enables parents to schedule and keep track of any special events in their child’s life and you can even enter regular events, like weekly visits which then repeat automatically.

Apps like the Google Calendar are free, so all you have to do is create a separate calendar for your kid’s activities, share the calendar with your ex, grant them editing rights, and create automatic reminders.

Easy Parent Communication Plan

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This tool from TimTab is really useful for avoiding conflict. It offers you six rules to follow that can help you minimize or even eliminate the possibility of arguing. It enables you to talk with the other parent in a controlled way, creating a more business-like type of communication. For example, one of the rules entails that you talk through messages and not over the phone or in person, so it is a great tool for staying disciplined, communicating more efficiently, and avoiding any unnecessary drama.


Similarly to text messaging, emails are great for talking or working out schedules, but they provide an even greater distance between the divorced couple. Even though arguments should be avoided as much as possible, they are bound to happen from time to time, so using emails is a great way to keep any arguing away from your child’s earshot.

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 Online Co-parenting Apps

Unlike the services mentioned above, online co-parenting apps are usually not free but they can provide great tools that can help parents communicate more efficiently. They offer tools like to-do lists for tracking homework assignments and other school projects, shopping lists, meal planning, journals, and more.

There is no doubt that technology can aid in improving the quality of communication between you and your ex-spouse and also help avoid conflict, so make sure to utilize it as much as possible. Learning how to properly communicate after a divorce is essential and important not only for your well-being and happiness but for your child as well.

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