New House Plans? Why a Swimming Pool Should be at the Top of Your List?

When you plan to build a new house there are a hundred things to be considered. A swimming pool may not be on top of your priority list. But it is always good to incorporate a swimming pool as part of your house plans. A swimming pool has many advantages.

It increases the value of your home


A well-maintained swimming pool is an asset to your home. It will increase the aesthetic value of your home and create a good impression on future buyers.

It is useful to all family members

Swimming is an activity which is suitable for all age groups. Children love the pool. Even senior citizens can safely use the pool without straining their joints.

Recreational spot for the entire family

The entire Family can enjoy gathering near the swimming pool for recreation. The pool can be a spot for some beautiful memories.

Venue for parties


Having a pool ensures that you do not have to worry about finding a venue for your house parties. Pool parties are popular and fun.

Incorporating a pool during the house planning stage has many advantages.

You can select the best location for your pool

Once built a house cannot be moved. You may lose the perfect location for your pool by some yards if the house is not planned properly. During initial planning, both the house and the pool can be positioned at vantage points. You can also select a location for the pool which is visible from the house. This may not be possible at a later stage. Some areas in the plot may be naturally suited for pools due to their slope or view. This part can become perfect for your pool.

According to professionals from ,it is always better to locate your swimming pool in area where it receives adequate sunlight. House can be located in shaded area. If you live in a windy zone then it is better to locate the swimming pool in part where it can be protected from the winds. This reduces water evaporation and also prevents debris from falling into the pool. Swimming pool should be located in an area which is open and at a distance from neighbouring trees. This prevents leaves and insects from falling into the pool. You can select such an area in your plot for the pool and then plan the house for maximum benefits.

You do not have to dig your backyard at a later stage


A beautiful house with a beautiful backyard is a perfect combination. You may want to grow various types of plants and trees in your backyard to enhance its appeal. But building a pool at a later stage means that you will have to dig up your backyard. This causes inconvenience and increases your expenses. Planning for a pool earlier means that along with the house you also get a perfect backyard with a beautiful pool.

Two major construction works are completed simultaneously

Building a house is a long-drawn-out process. Constructing a swimming pool also takes time and planning. Both process involves inconvenience and disruptions to your schedule. Doing both simultaneously means that your pool and house are completed together. You don’t have to go through the construction and planning process separately. After the construction of the house, you do not have to disrupt your schedule to build a pool.

Access to men and materials

Constructing a house involves a lot of men and materials. Swimming pool construction also means giving access to men and equipment in your backyard. Once the house is constructed, it may not be easy to access your backyard. Some backyards may be small. Some backyards may be shaped awkwardly. Getting access to swimming pool equipment in difficult to access backyards will increase the construction cost and time. Constructing a swimming pool at the initial stage will avoid these problems.

Uniformity in theme


With the advent of technology, new materials keep arriving in the market and old materials become obsolete. Constructing a house and pool together ensures that you can use similar materials for the house and pool. The theme of the house and pool can be planned together such that your backyard blends into the house.

The entry and exit to the pool from the house can be made seamless.

Advantages of bulk purchases

Swimming pool construction also involves raw materials like concrete and other materials. Even if you are installing a fibreglass pool you will still need materials like concrete, paver blocks etc for landscaping and patio. You can save money by purchasing these raw materials in bulk while constructing the house and a pool simultaneously.

Advantages in plumbing and electric connections

Swimming pool involves laying of plumbing lines. Setting up the filtration, heating and lighting systems involve both plumbing and electrical work. When you plan for the swimming pool at the house planning stage you can plan the plumbing and electric connections. They can be adjusted in a manner that they are convenient for both the pool and the house.

You get the advantage of a clear plot


House building involves excavation. Construction of a swimming pool also involves excavation. Any tree stumps or rocks in the ground can cause problems during swimming pool construction. All the trees and their stumps can be cleared at one time. You can construct the house and pool in a clear plot.

You get more design choices

Once the house is built, there will be limited space for the swimming pool. In some cases, there will be some open area left after house building. You cannot utilize this area and this area goes to waste and looks like an eyesore. When you plan the house and pool together you can utilize your entire plot. You also get many design options with regard to your pool. Any small open area can be used as an outdoor kitchen, seating area, storage or shower area. The whole plot can be utilized neatly when the pool and house are planned together.

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