5 Tips for Understanding the Hit & Stand Betting System for Blackjack

You probably know that in gambling there are all sorts of strategies and betting systems you can employ. There are those simple enough and there are those that do require you to do some math, practice, and preparation.

When it comes to Blackjack you know that there are several strategies, several systems, and whatnot that can be utilized to your advantage. The difficulty and the complexity of the betting strategy and/or the system are up to you, what you wish to achieve and what you feel comfortable with. The choice of the system also falls on what type of a player are you and what your end goal is in the game. As you know, and as we stated so many times before there are players who play for fun, for the sake of winning, or anything in between.

A good strategy choice comes down to you, what type of a player are you and what your end game is so when choosing a good betting system, you need to choose accordingly. One funny thing is that even hit or stand, the main mechanics of the game can be used as a betting strategy or a system. Today we will tell you a bit about that and we also want to tell you to visit this website if you need a good and reputable casino to test what we tell you about.


In blackjack there is a simple rule – you bust – you lose even if the dealer had an awful hand. This is simple to understand and this is what makes this game simple to play and understand. Get 21 or lower, but higher than the dealer, and you will never lose. What if that can be your strategy and your system for this game? Utilizing bet and stand mechanics to your advantage?!

Well, let’s see if it is possible, and let’s see if anyone can do it.

OK, all of you by now understand HIT and STAND mechanics, right? You get a card dealt, you are lower than the dealer, and you want another you hit! If you are dealt over a certain amount, or if you are close to 21 where the next hit might make you bust, you stand and you don’t take any more cards. Simple as that and efficient right? Well, yes, but let’s see how can this be made into a strategy?!

1. The dealer

In this hit-or-stand strategy, you need to pay attention to the dealer as much as you do you. If the dealer is having 7 or higher the math says that the average hand that they might make totals around 18.4. this is maybe somewhat hard to comprehend but the dealer’s job is to beat you and wherever they are lower than you they will hit and play, even if they eventually bust.

Taking a bit of risk and playing this hand or any other higher than this will result in them more risk but also more reward as well.

2. You


What you do with your hand is totally in your control, or is it?! Well yes, of course, but you have to know that all of us, including me, are terrified of playing when we are on the hands 12 through 16.

We are afraid to hit because of that bust that is just around the corner. Staying, or not hitting on this amount is simple and setting yourself up for the risk of busting against the dealer. The dealer will take this shot and more often they will come out as winners, while we stand on 12, 14, and 16 and hope they bust.

3. Avoid no bust strategy

There is a strategy that states you should only play the dealer and play for him to bust. This means you have to play each hand perfectly; you will need to stand more than hit and wait for the dealer to go bust each time. This is the wrong strategy and the wrong way to utilize the hit or stand system.

If you play only on the dealer, meaning if you wait for him/her top to go bust the house edge is 4% over you as a player. The basic strategy says to hit on 12 through 16, you will be only a 0.5% disadvantage. This means that you will lose 8 times more utilizing that dealer bust strategy or no bust strategy, over a regular hit or stand play.

4. Start with a basic strategy


Every hand that is 12 through 16 will be a hit call every time against the dealer’s face card. You also don’t want to do this very religiously of course and you need to work your brain. You can’t just hit every time on 16 without thinking about it and without looking at the dealer’s face card.

You have to calculate a bit and you have to think through your next move, but generally, the 12 through 16 hand is a hit 90% of the time.

5. Know your odds

What is the most important thing here, after all of this has been said is the fact that there are odds behind each hand and each play. You need to know your odds, understand them, and know how to play.

You will not always win if you hit a 13 against a dealer 10 but what we said here will probably give you a little better odds in the long run. You also need to know that sometimes even a 9 or 20 can be a losing hand and this is to be expected.

Combine this strategy with others and you will be better and do better in Blackjack for sure., just hit or stand system will make you lose a lot less but if you combine it with other strategies you will improve your game and your financials at the same time.

In the end, all we have to tell you, which comes obligatory now, is always gamble responsibly and never spend more money than you can afford to lose. This is one of the biggest and probably the best strategies you can employ in this, or any other gambling game. Best of luck to you!

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