A Guide to Ultherapy

We all want to look nice, don’t we? However, the process of aging is something you can’t stop. The first signs of the aging process are visible on our skin. There are factors such as genetics, too much exposure to the sun, unhealthy eating habits, and others that have a negative impact on the quality of the human biggest organ.

The question you probably have now is “do I need to get surgery to fix my problem”? Yes, that is one of the options, but it is not the only one! You can use one of the famous methods known as ultherapy.

Because of its effectiveness and popularity, we prepared a guide to ultherapy for you. In the text below, you will manage to find everything about ultherapy and ensure that you are making the right decision. Let’s go!

Wait, but What Exactly Is Ultherapy?


Ultherapy is not the same as facelift, and that is the first fact you should know about this procedure. In short terms, it is an FDA-cleared and non-invasive method that lifts and tightens your skin and generally improves all the fine lines and wrinkles on our chest, neck and face.

To make things clear, the ultherapy procedure supports our body to improve the production of collagen which will make your skin look fresh and young again.

When you decide to go to surgery, you are not quite sure how exactly your skin will look. In this case, the devices that experts use for ultherapy will allow you to get a clear image of how your skin will look on a screen even before the entire procedure starts.

This opportunity makes things easier for both doctors and patients. The patient will get the chance to share their requirements and expectations clearly while the doctor will get the chance to personalize the treatment plan. Of course, the correct temperature, as well as the depth, is something that the device determines.

Am I the Right Candidate for Ultherapy?

A reason why people don’t go for ultherapy is that they think they are not suitable candidates. If you are one of them, then we need to say you are wrong. As previously mentioned, thanks to the benefits that this procedure brings, every treatment can be 100% customized. Because of that, everyone who has the desire to increase the production of collagen will get the chance to improve the skin and look young once again.

If you want a more precise answer, then we can add a few more information. First of all, for people who have noticed that the level of laxity around their neck and chin has reduced, ultherapy is an excellent choice for them.

People older than 30 are usually those that decide on this move, but the younger adults can also try out and see whether this treatment meets their expectations.

How Does The Procedure Work


Before the entire process starts, the doctor will mark all the areas that require treatment. After that, he or she will use the so-called micro-focused ultrasound energy to target all the areas that were previously marked. The amount of energy that is used during the procedure is not much. Only a small amount of energy will be enough to start stimulating the collagen-improvement process.

Will it hurt? How comfortable patients feel during the procedure is different from one person to another. However, in most cases, the comfort level is high. The only moment when you can feel uncomfortable is during the delivery of the ultrasound energy. When the procedure ends, you can get back to accomplishing your daily tasks without any obstacles.

Is Ultherapy 100% Safe?

To make things clear, you may notice some red spots on your skin after the treatment. However, there is no reason to panic because these spots will disappear after a couple of hours. Despite that potential issue (that is not dangerous at all), there are no side effects. It is a treatment that is becoming more and more popular in all parts of the world. Besides, the usage of ultrasound energy is not something new, and it has been present for around 50 years. That’s an additional reason why there is no reason to worry.

Will Results Become Visible Immediately?


Whichever health or cosmetic procedure you get, there is no chance the results will become visible immediately. However, the good thing about ultherapy is the fact that only one treatment is sometimes going to be enough. In that case, the first result will be visible after two to six months until the production of the collagen becomes even stronger.

Of course, some patients will need to repeat the treatment once again. This directly depends on the damage that your skin has experienced as well as the response of your skin on the ultrasound.

And How Long Does the Treatment Last?

This depends on multiple factors. First of all, it depends on the experience that a doctor has. On the other hand, it also depends on the size of the damaged area you plan to treat. In most cases, you won’t have to spend more than an hour and a half to complete everything. However, when you hear which benefits you can get, we are sure those 90 minutes are not going to be a problem.

Is There a Doctor I Could Trust?


There are actually a lot of doctors that are experienced with ultherapy. All you have to do is to research online all the options you have and check out which one meets your expectations. To make things clear for you, you can check out websites like and check out how much the entire procedure will cost and ask all the questions you have (but we mostly answered them all in this article).

Final Thought

Improvement of skin quality does not only make us look more physically attractive and younger. You will also become satisfied with your look once again which will directly influence your self-confidence and self-respect. If you are afraid of surgeries, then this is probably the best alternative you could get. Are you ready to try it?

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