From Stainless Steel to Gold Plated: A Guide to Cutlery Materials

Tableware is much more than just simple tools we use to consume food. At the same time, they are items that enhance the aesthetics of the dinner table. While many people would think that this is not an important thing to pay attention to, you will see that many are interested in using cutlery to give their table a great look.

Choosing a certain cutlery can completely change the idea you’ve had about the table’s aesthetics. By doing so, you will be able to create the right ambiance you are interested in creating. Every time you organize the dinner, there is some idea you want to achieve. Naturally, this is a completely personal choice and you will need to find the right one that complements your idea.

A good example is when you are interested in organizing a birthday party, you will certainly opt for cutlery that has bright colors. At the same time, you can opt for certain cutlery as a wedding or birthday gift to someone. Today, we want to talk about different materials cutlery is made from and by doing so, we want to talk about what are the pros and cons of each one of them.

Stainless Steel


The first material we want to talk about is stainless steel. It is important to make some distinctions that have a proper impact both on the quality and aesthetics of the cutlery. As you probably know, there are different categorizations of stainless steel cutlery. The first one we want to mention is made of 18% chrome, and the second biggest grade is 8% or 10% nickel.

Using stainless steel cutlery has become quite a predominant option in the hospitality industry. Not just because it is the commonest variant by far, but also because of its durability and quality. Furthermore, we can see that it is quite popular for other reasons as well, like it has a high rust resistance.

Furthermore, you will see that this material doesn’t cause the magnetic effect, which is a synonym for the highest possible quality. Also, you will find them quite easy to clean both in the dishwasher and by hand. So you can see that it doesn’t matter what sort of approach you have when it comes to cleaning, this material for cutlery will not give you any headache. If you want to check some of these out, visit



Gold is always a thing of prestige, so nobody should be surprised that the case is pretty much the same as having golden cutlery. As you can presume, golden cutlery is expensive, and you will need to invest a significant amount of money before you can purchase a set like this one.

Gold is a great cutlery material since it is not affected by any sort of food you will consume with it. Furthermore, you will certainly agree that it has great aesthetics, which makes it nothing short of exceptional, no matter what sort of celebration you’re about to organize. You simply cannot miss gold, that’s a fact.

Wooden Sets


Even though some people might not consider wooden cutlery attractive in this day and age, we beg to differ. Instead, we are talking about a material you can use to make quite an aesthetic dinner table. Sure, there are different types of wood you can select for making these, like bamboo, pine, birch, etc.

What you will find quite interesting about wooden cutlery is that it is quite resistant to heat. Therefore, you can use it to consume pretty much every sort of food out there without fearing it might get damaged in the process. The thing is that you should care about the pieces you purchase, and for a good reason.

If we are talking about natural, unvarnished, and cutlery made without any chemicals, then you will see that it cannot be composted. On the downside, you will see that wooden cutlery doesn’t go well with eco-friendly construction. The biggest benefit of using wooden sets is that they come in countless designs.

Silver Cutlery


For centuries, cutlery has been considered a symbol of social status. Today, people can get it much easier than ever before, and you will find it in practically all the stores that sell cutlery, no matter whether we are talking about e-shops or brick-and-mortar shops. Since everyone can access it in this day and age, it is more than clear why it is quite widespread these days.

Still, we would like to point out that it is still more expensive than most options you will find on the market. So, you should pay attention not to purchase the one that has less quality. Since these are more expensive, there are many people out there who want to scam people by selling them low-quality sets.

One of the ways you can ensure the silver you’re looking at is a real one is by measuring its weight. Furthermore, it is widely known that every silver piece of cutlery has a certain sign. Also, we would like to point out that you should focus on finding 999 silver pieces, which means that they are 99% made of silver.

Is Size Relevant?

Now that we know all the materials used for the creation of these, the next question is whether the size of the pieces matters or not. On first look, many will agree that it is certainly not the most important thing to look at in a set. Still, we would say that the size is not insignificant.

Our opinion is quite simple, the size should reflect the aesthetics and complement the size of the plates you are using to serve guests. The size of the plates will dictate pretty much all the other elements that accompany this, and this is why we strongly believe that the size of the pieces is important.

In Conclusion

Choosing between different materials for your cutlery is massively important, and it is key that you pay attention to it. In this article of ours, we’ve discussed all the materials you should take into consideration.

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