Complete Guide on How to List Your House on MLS

How can I sell my house digitally? Is it reliable to sell and buy homes online? What is MLS? How can I list my home on the MLS portal? Well, all these questions have only one answer


It must be a new technique of selling and buying property/homes, but it’s an easy, authentic, and reliable way to sell and buy homes.

Its working style is a bit different from the traditional working style of the real estate business. Software’s might eat the world but no how so far, they are also the easiest and most authentic way to complete the listing process and sell and buy your home in no time.

Several different online websites provide MLS listing services, such as Zillow, Trulia,,, and many others.

Every country or state has its own real estate rules and regulations on which real estate agents design the MLS portals.

Now you might be thinking about how MLS works? In case if you are not aware of the MLS, then let me give you the nitty-gritty details of the MLS.

What is MLS?


The MLS is also known as multiple listing websites. It is developed by some of the affiliated real estate agents to make the listing process more effortless and reliable. All the listings are published on a single platform where all the corresponding real estate agents and licensed realtors can only access the portal. They can add and see listings of other agents.

It is estimated that 91% of the listings are sold rapidly, that are listed on the MLS portals. In addition, the affiliated agents can add your listing on the MLS portals of your state or country. Yes, let me mention this: every country has its own real estate rules and regulations, so many countries or states have their own local MLS portals where agents list their property.

Now old days are gone when people put for sale boards on the house’s main gate to sell it, and agents connect the sellers with the potential buyers. Now the MLS software has eased the listing task to an extent. If any buyer’s agent wants to buy any home, he has multiple options available on the portal through which you can easily connect with the buyer agent.

If you are interested in listing your property on the MLS portal, then it’s a whole new process through which you can sell your home in a limited and short period. All you have to do is follow the steps in sequence to make a compelling listing that will be closed in some shorter period so let’s discusses it in detail

How to list your property on MLS?


These are pretty most manageable steps that you can follow and successfully list your house on local MLS portals and on several other MLS portals that give you maximum exposure.

1. Set price

Set the price with the help of price estimating software, or according to the cost of sold houses near your area, you can also check online platforms to match your house prices with other similar homes listed on MLS portals. Many options are available to set the price for your house as it is the essential part.

2. Collect all Location details

Give a round in the listing area and gather all the details that how much space it covers in square feet, detail of near stores, near commercial areas, near hospitals, near amusement parks, and residential location. This all information will directly give the buyer an overview of the place and develops an interest in the listing.

3. Collect photos of the house

You need to collect the 3D photos of the house from attaching it in listing details, be sure to add those photos that define the architectural view of the listing, its inner interior, and the inner structure of the house. It is necessary to click high pixels pictures because it will attract buyers.

4. Add all details to the listing


You have to add all the house details, including; locations, professional photos, listing room details, and other areas. Then, make a complete presentable listing and share it with local MLS portals to obtain greater visibility. The more it will be visible to a potential buyer, the more chances to close the deal in a short time.

5. Prepare home or stagging

You have to prepare the home for the visit of the buyers, make sure to do all the necessary repairs such as fixed the leakages, repair the walls, fix the garage door, makes the place roomier, light the quality lights to look broader, declutter unnecessary stuff, clean your house carefully give a pleasant feel of home, save your personal belongings on the visit of the house because you are going to allow strangers to get in your place so be cautious.

6. Connecting with potential buyers

Have you listened to that famous quote, “good things come for a limited time”? It is applicable here, too, because if you do not reach the potential buyers on time, you may skip the big chunk of profit better to be quick and attentive.

7. Negotiating on rates

Negotiating with the right skills is essential because here, you have to deal professionally with big numbers. There is not any chance of getting the second attempt. If you do not work smartly here, you will most probably lose a significant profit.

8. Hire a real estate lawyer or attorney

The last point is to hire a lawyer or attorney to complete the signing agreement required between the seller and a buyer. It is necessary to hire an attorney because you are going to deal with the legal transaction. Every point should be legally organized and clear to both parties.

Last thoughts

At the end of the article, I want to suggest that you try to be sure about the listing website that you will render to list your house on MLS portals. Many websites are available, but you are careful while selecting and compare website services with your chosen website.

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