How to Grow your Facebook Business Page with Videos – In 2024

The Facebook business page has become an essential tool to grow your brand and drive sales. You need to grow your Facebook business page to effectively use it for your benefit. Without proper engagement, posting on a Facebook business page is like talking to a wall.

Read on to find out multiple ways through which you can grow your Facebook business page, including the use of videos.

Top 3 ways for business pages to grow their reach on Facebook

1. Invites

Inviting your social media connections and friends to like your page can be done in multiple ways. You can invite people to like your page using Facebook’s default invite option that appears on the page. You can also link your Facebook business page across all the platforms and your native website to increase its reach. You plug in your Facebook business page at the end of your email as a signature, thus promoting it further at every online portal possible.

Inviting and using your business page links is an easy way to get the audience to increase your reach. Invites work well if you have a vast network.


2. Video marketing

In this era of technical revolution, you can achieve great milestones in video marketing by making voiceover videos with the help of an AI-based voice generator tool like Murf. It will help you set a suitable pitch, punctuation, emphasis, and tonality for your target audience.

One simply can’t ignore video marketing when 85% of millennials purchase a product after watching a video. Most of the internet’s traffic is made up of videos making video marketing an essential part of digital growth. Facebook allows you to upload videos in a variety of aspect ratios allowing you to create videos that suit your target audience.

Facebook Video supports the traditional 16:9 videos along with vertical videos, you have the option of putting it up on Facebook Watch which is an in-app infinite video scrolling function that is similar to that of Tiktok and Instagram reels.

You can edit and customize the aspect ratio of your video using video editor that supports multiple formats. You can choose the type of video you want to create for your Facebook business page depending on your needs.

Types of videos for a Facebook business page

Promo video


These videos are made for promotional and have branding all over them. Sometimes promotional videos come across as hard selling and most of the audiences want to skip these videos. The key is to create good quality videos that retain the audience from the start without wanting to skip the advert.

Corporate culture video

Behind the scenes, videos work wonders as the audiences are known to be curious beings who want to explore every aspect of a company before investing in their product. These videos highlight the company culture while showcasing the process that goes behind creating the products. One can show the day-to-day activities and way of life that complements the business and suites the brand. Such videos are a gateway to the company’s heart and let the audiences know about the company’s values, beliefs, and overall system.

Behind the scenes, videos build credibility amongst the audiences. The effectiveness of these videos is often unmatched as these videos are honest and appear real.

Customer testimonial video

When it comes to building trust the best route is through customer testimonial videos. These videos contain consumers who’ve used the company’s service or product talk about their experience with the company and the impact of their purchase in their day-to-day lives.


Customer testimonial videos build a huge amount of trust amongst the audiences as they can relate to the person in front of the camera. Refrain from using actors and models as they are easily spotted across different brands and it would hamper the credibility of your business.

Product launch video

A product launch is supposed to be hyped and this hype can be created over multiple posts on your Facebook business page, but to match the expectation of the hype that your campaign has built you would need a quality product launch video that makes the audience want to buy the product instantly.

These videos can get maximum engagement from enthusiasts who always are on the lookout for new launches.

Unboxing video

Product unboxing videos are effective when the audience is curious to know the in-box components that come with your product. These videos are mostly created for products that are related to technology.

Live event highlight video

Business events are often the main attraction for many employees and consumers alike. However, an event can’t always accommodate audiences from different parts of the business’s functional range. This is why live events are often summarized into a live event highlight video that focuses on the key moments of the event. These types of videos make the audiences feel like a part of the company while saving a lot of the audience’s time. You can create a montage video of the event to increase the engagement and retention rate.

Explainer video


Videos that explain the functionality of the product or services a business offers are called Explainer videos. These videos are often used to market a business and are found on the company’s landing pages.

Explainer videos are most likely to be animated rather than being recorded in a studio as animations can be super creative without any limitations for explanations.

FAQ video

A FAQ video creates value for the consumers as it becomes super easy to navigate through using your products. These videos answer most of the frequently asked questions by the audiences related to your business.


This is a tried and tested way to boost engagement and reach on your Facebook business page. Just by the words contest alert, you should expect an overwhelming response from your audience. Audiences love freebies and they want to test their luck by entering the contest.

All the entries on Facebook contests are usually accepted through the comment section of the particular post and comments are known to increase engagement rate exponentially. Conducting contests not only grows your Facebook Business Page but also generates potential leads while increasing brand awareness amongst the participants.

Grow your Facebook business page with these ideas

All you need to do now is to apply these few suggestions, as they will help you grow your Facebook business page while increasing engagement and boosting sales. Good luck!

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