Gifts to Send Remote Employees to Show Your Appreciation

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly common to work from home. Rather than following the traditional work schedule of 40 hours per week spent in a physical office location, many companies are beginning to offer their employees the option of a hybrid work model, where employees can come into the office a few days per week and work from home on the remaining days. In addition, plenty of businesses hire freelancers or contractors who work remotely to either supplement the work performed by the company’s full-time staff or provide services that may be outside the company’s area of expertise, such as IT support or accounting.

This shift to remote work is beneficial for both employers and their employees. Not only does hiring remote workers allow your company to attract and retain a wider base of talented applicants, but it can also be a positive financial decision. Research from 2024 shows that businesses save an average of $11,000 per year for every employee who works remotely at least half the time since remote work allows employers to cut costs on office supplies, furniture, in-person training sessions, and more. If you are worried that your employees will be less productive while working from home, think again – studies show that almost 80 percent of telecommuters report greater productivity working from home than when they worked in an office full-time. Job satisfaction is also significantly higher among both fully remote and partially remote workers compared to employees who do not have the option to work from home. Remote work offers your employees flexibility and comfort that helps them become happier, more productive workers.


Whether your company follows a hybrid work model or you have fully remote workers on staff, you may be wondering how to stay connected to your employees and show your appreciation if you can’t gather them all together for an office pizza party or doughnuts in the break room. Luckily, advances in technology make it easier than ever to maintain communication with a team of remote employees working from different locations. But if you’re looking to boost morale and thank your remote employees or freelancers for all their hard work, check out some of these fun gift ideas. If possible, consider finding customizable options. Click here for all the customized options that will fit your team members’ preferences and settle for what will make them feel appreciated.

Customized Plaques Can Say It Best

Employee recognition award leader, EDCO Awards, says, “Creating custom plaques for customer service, sales goals, and the like, is a unique way to recognize your employees and their professional achievements. Beyond just bonuses and company perks, acknowledging superior performance from management can really reinforce the mindset of your most engaged and productive employees.”

From more serious awards like “most deals closed” to silly superlatives such as “most stylish video call outfits,” there are a number of websites that can help you design and ship out these custom gifts for your remote employees. Plus, you can even present the plaques to your team in a virtual awards ceremony held over a video conference!


Tech Accessories Are Another Option

Working remotely should boost your employees’ productivity, not hinder it. Your team will thrive if they have the proper equipment and accessories to efficiently work from home. And with working exhausting at times, getting helpful tech accessories will boost productivity.

Great tech accessories might allow team members to complete their work on time and on precision. You also get to stay organized with your time and tasks, thus being efficient.

Gadgets like portable speakers, noise-canceling headphones, monitor stands, extra-long charging cables, or clip-on ring lights for video calls are all excellent gift ideas that will enhance your remote team’s work-from-home experience.

Self-Care Kit

Even without the daily grind of commuting to an office, working from home is still work – and it can be stressful from time to time. Sending your remote employees a thoughtful “self-care kit” shows them that you value their mental health and well-being.

Sending a self-care kit will help remote workers feel relaxed after work. One great option for a self-care kit is an aromatherapy set that helps them to relax. In addition, with aromatherapy, you get to choose from different scents and buy them based on your team members’ favorite scents.

This type of gift is completely customizable, but possible items to put in the kit include scented candles, tea bags, stress balls, fidget spinners, essential oils and a mini diffuser for their desk, vouchers for yoga classes, and more.


Just because your employees are working remotely does not mean that they should miss out on the opportunity to exchange ideas with you over a cup of coffee. If you are not able to invite your remote employee or freelancer out for a coffee break in person, sending them a bag of high-quality coffee or a box of coffee pods is a good substitute. Round out the gift by including a mug branded with your company’s logo, along with a handwritten note thanking your employee for all their hard work and inviting them to join you for a virtual coffee break.



It’s common for managers to invite their staff to attend group events and team-building experiences a few times per year. While remote workers may not be able to attend company events depending on their location, you can still show these employees that they are valued and appreciated by gifting them alternative experiences such as tickets to sporting events, a gift card to a restaurant in their area, or a membership to a museum or club. Any of these gift ideas are sure to show your remote employees that they are important members of your team, even if they are not physically present in the office.

Stationery Supplies

Unlike team members who go to the office, remote employees don’t have access to office supplies. As a result, consider getting your remote employees stationery supplies, including printed envelopes, notepads, print paper, lap desks, post-it notes, stamps, highlighters, pens, etc.

To make it extra special, you can get customized office supplies. Consider personalizing the supplies with the company logo, monograms, and many more. Customization is guaranteed to remind your employees that they’re on your mind.


Nothing is sweeter than gifting your remote workers desserts. Luckily, there are a lot of options when it comes to sweets. All you have to do is find a dessert shop that may deliver to your employees.

Some great options may include cupcakes, homemade cookies, chocolates, donut bouquets, and candy jars. If possible, find your team member’s favorite sweets before sending them out to make them extra special.


As the employees are working remotely while staying with their family, they will be glad to get a package that contains gifts for every family member. This way, it will show that you are supporting their balanced personal and work-life culture. Surprise them with care packages that have items for every member of their family along with toys and treats for the little ones.

Apart from all of these items mentioned in this article, it is noticed that employers often forget to appreciate their employees’ efforts. In such cases, an e-mail or a handwritten thank you and support note can bring a smile to the employees’ faces. It will show that you care for them.

Your remote works are also stressed during this pandemic that has an effect on the whole world; in such time, your appreciation would get them more motivated. Keep in mind that you are not only maintaining goodwill about your company, but you are doing the right thing too.

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