How to get OSHA-approved Online CPR training?

You may want to take up a new course to kill time. But to use it for a test or exam, you must learn from a professional body. Similarly, you can take Online CPR training from any institute. But the government only recognizes OSHA-certified courses.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration creates guidelines for CPR certification. This body ensures your work environment remains safe and supportive. The below article talks about the benefits of CPR. You also learn about the American HealthCare Academy and its CPR course.

Who can take online CPR training?


Every course comes with a few prerequisites. When someone has the zeal to help others, they qualify to take online CPR training. However, the below-mentioned people must take this course.

  1. Healthcare Workers: Treating patients is a tough job. It will help if you stay on your toes all the time. The most disheartening part of the process is experiencing a patient getting cardiac arrest. In such situations, an online certification comes to your rescue.
  2. First Aiders: People who choose to work as first aiders must take this course. It helps you identify signs of cardiac arrest. It will help if you don’t wait for the Emergency response team to reach the site.
  3. School Teachers: Children spend a long time in school compared to home. They also play and could swallow something that could choke them. If the school teachers take CPR training, they can save the student’s life.
  4. Parents: Every parent needs to take Online CPR training. It prepares you for your worst nightmare; your child is choking or drowning. The course also gives you the knowledge to help revive them in time.
  5. Public Space Workers: People working in a hotel meet over a hundred people daily. What would you do if any of them were to experience sudden heartache? In such situations, keeping the staff updated with a CPR certification helps.

Best place to take CPR training from


It would help if you searched for colleges and institutes that provide this course. You may find a college close to your house or workplace. Some people live in remote locations and have no physical colleges nearby. It is where online courses come into the picture. This article will help you identify the best place for your online CPR training. Just check the below points before finalizing an institute.

  1. Search for an online CPR course and note down the first ten institutes.
  2. You need to go on the website and compare their course structure.
  3. An important thing you should consider is the method of teaching. Online courses should provide you with self-paced learning options.
  4. Also, compare the course price and check if they offer EMI options for payment. Courses that do not charge you money will not grant a valid certificate.
  5. It would help if you spoke to the chatbot or counselor as a potential student. Clarifying your doubts will help in making the right choice.
  6. If the institute does not give you an OSHA-certified CPR certification, please remove it from your list. You should also check with the institute if the certificate is nationally recognized.
  7. Every CPR course comes with a validity of 2 years. Your course should offer this certification.
  8. Lastly, compare if your institute provides you with a renewal option. Most institutes still need this option. It would help if you also asked for discounted prices as a returning student.

Once you tabulate all these aspects, you will know your best course.

Benefits of a CPR course


Age and occupation do not matter when you decide to upskill. Life-saving courses will always help you in more ways than you could imagine. With accessible online classes, you could avail the below benefits of learning CPR.

  1. The top benefit of learning this course is the knowledge you gain. It allows you to become a real-life hero by saving someone.
  2. CPR Course will teach you about the basics of your body. You also learn about blood flow and the working of the heart.
  3. You learn to stay aware of the local pharmacy and the location of the hospital. CPR courses teach basic assessment tactics.
  4. By learning CPR, you can create a safe environment in your house. Your parents and children can look up to you for help.
  5. Learning CPR opens up new career opportunities. Many jobs require this skill. Taking this skill will push your resume ahead of the competition for the job.

Why pick AHCA for your online CPR training?


AHCA stands for the American HealthCare Academy. They work to provide easy access to learning life-saving skills. It would help if you considered taking CPR certification from them because of the following points.

  1. The organization works with OSHA and AHA-trained tutors. They ensure everything about the course adheres to the required guidelines.
  2. Many corporate organizations recognize this course. They hire people who come with a certification in CPR from AHCA.
  3. The group offers you a self-paced learning module. It allows you to take this course even at eleven at night.
  4. You get a valid certification, but, the applicants must clear an exam as well. It tests their knowledge based on an exam. This process ensures that only deserving people get certified.
  5. The company has a user-friendly website with a fast loading speed. It saves time and lets you finish the course faster.
  6. Their module comes with videos that demonstrate the working of CPR. It helps the students learn things on a practical level. These videos also enhanced the retaining power of the students.


The internet has many options for every course. But not all of them come with the proper accreditation. It would help if you always select an OSHA-certified online CPR training course. This step will help enhance your chances of getting a job in healthcare.

A nationally recognized certificate allows you to save lives anywhere in your country. The online CPR certification from the American HealthCare Academy offers all the benefits. Log onto the AHCA website today and take a valuable CPR course to save lives.

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