How to Get Acquainted With Girls Properly: Top 6 Techniques

The real disease of big cities is the oppressive feeling of loneliness and the aimlessness of our existence. And if it is quite simple to do something with the aim, then dating girls is a real problem for modern men. Firstly, the girls have become much more self-sufficient and do not seek to enter into a relationship as soon as possible, and secondly, the requirements for potential partners have become demanding. However, you can always use the available resources for the benefit and turn the acquaintance into entertainment and another personal challenge.

Dating in Real Life

With the development of various dating platforms like Ladadate and social networks, everyone has somehow abruptly forgotten about the opportunity to meet in real life. No matter how archaic this method of dating girls sounds — it is one of the most romantic situations, and romance is already half the success.

Methods of Getting Acquainted

Let’s consider the most efficient ones:

Signals of Power

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Speaking about nonverbal communication channels, it is impossible not to mention that women will be attracted to the manifestation of strength. It does not mean that you need to tear your last shirt, break a bottle on your head and get into a fight. It is enough to straighten your shoulders, add weight to your unsteady gait and calm the treacherous tremor in your voice.

A woman feels fear! A man who is afraid to talk to her will never be with her. Therefore, a word of caution to all those interested in how to attract the attention of a girl — a confident man who asks a woman questions about the scope of her interests, asks for an opinion on any issue automatically rises to the next level. Besides, the question of interests is almost 100% an opportunity to catch a common topic.

Willingness to Help

Most often, a girl carrying heavy suitcases will not refuse help. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate your masculinity and strength. Sincere willingness to help can work in your favor when dating girls. It is sometimes nice for any girl to feel weak and taken care of. The main thing is not to confuse care with obsession and very clearly, once and for all, to understand that “no” means “no,” and there are no hidden signals in this word, and you cannot understand it in two ways.

Observation Skills

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Dating girls in real life requires observation, attention to detail, and almost Sherlock Holmes’s skills. You probably remember Ted Mosby from the series How I Met Your Mother. He often noticed minor details: a book in the hands of a stranger, an inscription on a T-shirt, etc., and it always worked as a great start for a conversation. The main thing is not to get absorbed in playing and not turn into a frightening pursuer. Otherwise, you can scare a girl you like.

Everyday Resources

If the girl is without identifying insignia, you can always use the surrounding reality. Being at an exhibition or concert, the commonality of interests is obvious and this will help to start a conversation. But even in the supermarket in the line, or in a crowded bus, you can find a common topic. The main thing for dating girls is to use humor and be able to turn even an unpleasant expectation into a joke.


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It is worth clarifying that standard prepared compliments are not suitable for dating girls. Any more or less pretty girl in her life heard dozens of banal courtesy. Clichés like eyes-oceans and hair-waterfalls definitely will not help, but something more situational and original will work. A good compliment is always sincere, a little awkward: it emphasizes a specific situation. For example, the way the rays of light play in the girl’s eyes when she turns her head at a certain angle. This gives hope that the man is attentive and the conversation will not turn into another stupid set of words about a gorgeous ass and lips created for kissing.

Personal Space

In today’s overcrowded city pace, people treat their personal space with almost sacred awe. You should not violate personal boundaries and aggressively invade someone else’s personal space. Aggressive behavior will make a girl stop the conversation that has not really begun yet. To meet girls, you need to be a bit of a psychologist or, at least, just an attentive person and pay attention when the distance is too close and causes discomfort to the interlocutor. A successful conversation can only be built if all the interlocutors feel completely safe.

Common Mistakes When Getting Acquainted

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From caring about personal space, we can also deduce the first mistake of men when dating girls. If you pay attention to the behavior of men, you can see that, compared to women, they have a louder voice, more sweeping movements, and faster steps. All this fits into the understanding of aggressive behavior: such gestures are confusing and associated with danger.


Worse than the sudden appearance of a loud orangutan waving his arms from behind, there can only be a shout or whistle in the back. It is a situation when every woman dreams of a piano falling on such men from the ninth floor, the most adequate and kind female representatives dream of falling underground themselves. It is understandable if it comes from youngsters or riffraff, but not from a decent man.

To Apologize

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The phrase “Excuse me” before getting acquainted is wrong in every word. An apology implies guilt. A woman will subconsciously think that a man will just waste her time, and therefore he apologizes in advance. Apologizing for your intentions and desires is a sure way to get nothing in the end. Insecure people are not interesting either as interlocutors or as sexual objects. Besides, a woman approached by such an uncertain interlocutor will somehow think during the conversation: “Am I so bad that this wimp decided to get to know me?”

To Sum up

The surest and most effective way to start a conversation is to be polite, respectful, and sincere. You do not need to prove anything and pretend to be a Persian prince to gain interest, but you need to be able to joke, understand the word “no” and respect the interlocutor.

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