Funeral Planning Considerations: Things You Need to Factor in When Preparing for a Service

Planning for a memorial service isn’t supposed to be a spur of the moment thing. While some people would frown at planning for the funeral service early, it is becoming more popular. Many people don’t want the hassle of putting their relatives scrambling for funds to prepare an adequate funeral service for them. More and more people have started to look for funeral plans that will take effect upon their passing.

Some people also look for reputable funeral homes to help them with their arrangements. However, funeral professionals like those at provide exceptional services for people who wish to plan for their life celebrations. They can also help bereaved families overcome their grief with personalised services that help them keep the memory of the dearly departed alive.

If you’re thinking of planning your memorial services, here are a few considerations that you have to figure out before you talk with a funeral director.

Funeral budget


If you’re planning a funeral, you wouldn’t want to burden your loved ones to scramble for immediate funds to cover the wake and other necessities. Instead, you would want to come in with a burial plan in place. However, if you don’t have any clue about such prepaid plans, chances are your funeral professional will have an idea and steer you in the right direction.

When you talk about the budget for your memorial, you should consider the cost and style of the casket, the lighting, the venue, and the funeral service. It may be a sobering thought for some or a little bit macabre, but you shouldn’t be deterred for practical purposes.

Choose your funeral director wisely

Choosing your funeral director is a critical component of your pre-planning. You don’t just hire someone off the internet. Instead, you ask for an appointment or have them come over to the house to find out if you’re comfortable enough with them handling your burial affairs.

Ideally, your funeral director would have enough experience in handling how to take care of the deceased, from the paperwork to the body preparation, to the wake and the subsequent internment arrangements. Choose someone knowledgeable enough because you wouldn’t want your next-of-kin to sweat the details.

Decide if you want a burial or a cremation


There are several options available right now when you consider how your body will get treated. Recent statistics show that more and more people are becoming more open to the idea of cremation over burial. Your funeral professional can help you decide, so don’t be afraid to ask them. Also, choosing among them will help you determine the budget and the other particulars for the planning.

If you plan a burial, you need to secure a plot from the cemetery and a casket and arrange for other funeral details with If you want to be cremated, you need to have an urn and perhaps the same details regarding the service arrangements you wish to be made.

Choose the venue for the wake

If you wish to have a wake, you need to decide where to hold it. Would you prefer it to be in your favourite chapel, the funeral home, or at your house? It’s pretty essential to find out where to hold it for planning purposes, too. If you choose to have a post-funeral reception for your visitors, it would also help to know how the arrangement would look beforehand.

Plan for funeral wreaths, flowers, sprays


Part of the preparation process includes choosing funeral wreaths, sprays, and flowers to adorn the venue. Some funeral directors will help you decide on the flower arrangements and the types of flowers that would go well with the design. They might bring in an experienced florist to help out on the details, but if you want to go the personalised route, we’re sure they can make the necessary arrangements, too. What should I bring to a funeral? It is also one of the questions that you need to prepare for.

Plan the transportation

When you talk with the funeral director, you also touch base on the hearse and the transportation element. First, look at the available options so you can decide which vehicle will transport your remains to your final resting place. Then, make arrangements for the transportation complement that will accompany your remains.

Plan how to communicate your demise


One of the best things that your funeral director can provide is the option to communicate to others about your demise. You can plan how to let other people know that you’ve passed, and you can iron out the details. Perhaps you would want to let others know of your passing via phone calls or through social media posts or invitations. There are several options, and your funeral director will have a few ideas up their sleeves.

Consider the order of service

It’s also important to consider the order of service, which is a booklet of what the attendees will follow on the service day itself. You can plan and choose the type of paper, the pictures, the layout, and the inclusions such as hymns, paragraphs of remembrance, and songs. It will also serve as a sort of souvenir from the event.

Consider adding personal touches to your memorial service


Would you want to have a picture of you framed and displayed during the duration of the wake? How about the food? Will you have it catered during the last day? What about the music? These are among the details you would have to sign off on when you’re planning.

Establish the executor of your estate

Among the essential things you would have to plan for is the estate executor. While the funeral director may not be present when you are planning this, it is still an element that you shouldn’t overlook.

Final words

Planning for a funeral, much less your own, is time-consuming. It’s heavy on the details, and there’s a lot of things you need to factor in if you want to avoid problems. Planning early for the eventuality will help your next-of-kin tremendously as they wouldn’t have to grasp at straws how to hold a memorial service in your honour.

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