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9 Things to Expect from Your First Driving Lesson – 2024 Guide  

It’s not easy to go through your first driving lesson. It will be a combination of excitement and nervousness. Don’t worry; the feeling is the same for all first-time drivers. Luckily, you can prepare yourself for what’s coming. What’s even better we can help you with that.

Here we have nine things to expect from your first driving lesson – 2024 Guide. If you read our article, you’ll be more than prepared for what your first driving less brings to the table. So, let’s start right now so that when you sit in the care, you don’t feel nervous at all. It’s okay to be excited. 

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You’ll Need a Learner’s Permit

Before you sit in the learning car, your assigned instructor will ask you for a learner’s permit. This is a standard procedure. Without it, you can’t start your lessons. So, be sure not to forget it. It’s not essential to have it with you only for the first lesson; the LP is needed during all lessons. 

You Won’t be Driving Straight Away

The first encounter with an instructor will be only to get to know each other. You won’t sit behind the wheel straight away. The first move will be to put you in the passenger seat until you find a vast parking lot or a residential area with low to no traffic where you can start driving without pressure. 

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The instructor is There to Help You

The first lesson is the hardest one, and you can be free to feel nervous and anxious. All of us felt that way. But, worry not, the instructor is there to put you at ease with his presence and experience. Instructors are trained to handle first-time drivers in the best manner possible. Companies such as Pass First Go take pride in hiring only true professionals with experience. After you are calmed down by the instructor, you’ll undoubtedly find pleasure in driving. In the end, it’s what you came for. 

Mirror View

This situation is not something you encountered before, but after sitting in the care for your first driving lesson, you’ll need to get used to looking at a mirror. The first class in the car is for learning the basics of instrument table and other controls. One of the most essential things in cars are mirrors. The instructor assigned to you will make sure that you learn this during your initial lesson. With time spent in the car, you’ll learn the importance of mirrors, as all of us did. 

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The Most Important Thing – There Would be Driving

This is what you came for, and yes, you’ll have the role of a driver. Don’t worry, you won’t hit the road straight away, so there’s no room for panic. Driving starts with the basics, and this is what you’ll go through in your first class. The instructors will show you the essential techniques that would serve you for the rest of your life. In most cases, the novice drives do not cover too many miles on their first ride. You can expect anything between four and six miles. Not all of it would be on the open road. You’ll be shown how to park and take turns, and similar things you’ll need in the future. 

You’ll Switch Places With Instructor 

While it’s crucial to spend time behind the wheel, it’s also essential to see some things with your eyes. During the lesson, the instructor will explain what needs to be known to you, but they would also love for you to see how some things are done. Because of this, you’ll find yourself in both the roles of driver and passenger all during the same driving lesson. This is where you need to be focused when sitting next to your instructor. 

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There Will Be Questions Asked

The first lesson is reserved for the introduction. You’ll need to introduce yourself to the instructor and vice versa. After getting to know each other, you’ll have a ton of questions, and don’t be afraid to ask anything. The instructor will be open-minded to all questions; all you need to do is ask. Ask for something to be explained or shown; it’s all the same because this way, you’ll learn faster and better. Driving lessons are a learning process, and you’ll learn best by asking, listening, and doing. 

There Will be Bonding

Creating a bond with your instructor will make you a better driver. If the two of you form a team, you’ll learn quicker, and in the process, you’ll become a better driver. The trust between the two is needed for a better learning process. You need to trust your instructor from the start, as they have instructor brake, and are there to help you avoid any mistakes. 

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Be ready For News Covid-19 Measures 

Nothing is the same after coronavirus started pillaging the world. The same is with driving lessons. Luckily, Covid-19 won’t stop you from learning how to drive, but it won’t be the same as before. The safety of both the student and the instructor comes first. Below you have some of the latest measures that are mandatory for both instructors and drivers due to coronavirus pandemic. 

  • Students are obliged to have a face mask on at all times. 
  • They will also have gloves on their hands.
  • Students are not allowed into the driving school facilities. Instead, they will meet their instructor outside before the lessons. 
  • Before getting into the car, the temperature of the student is going to be measured. 
  • There would be social distancing between the student and the instructor. 
  • Hand cleaning and sanitizing of the vehicle would be done before and after the lesson. 


The first driving lesson is a unique experience, and all of us went through it. After reading this article, you’ll have a clearer picture of how it’s going to look. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s the fear of the unknown that scares young drivers. There’s nothing to be afraid of, and we hope that we at least dispersed some of your worries. 

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