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7 Tips For Finding a Reliable Online Bong Shop

While online shopping would certainly surpass classic shopping in the future, the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the process. That is why this year we have all focused on shopping online and we use it for more and more different things. Another thing this year has brought us and is the lockdown that makes us spend a lot of time at home. Precisely because we are locked in the same space most of the time, many people feel anxious and bored. Whether it is due to anxiety or just want to have fun, many people consume marijuana these days, probably more than ever. And bong is an increasingly popular option for the consumption of weed. If you are among those looking for where to buy your first bong or you need a new one, read our tips for finding a reliable online bong shop.

1.Read reviews

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The first and easiest method you will use while looking for a reliable online shop. You will surely find reviews on the Internet, which will serve as a guide to whether you should consider buying in that shop at all or whether you should keep looking. Don’t expect 100% reviews to be positive because that’s not possible. People even have complaints about the best companies in the world. But there are things you need to pay attention to. If you see a few negative reviews complaining about the same thing like poor product quality, payment or delivery issues and the like, it’s definitely a red flag. Another red flag is if there are no reviews on the internet at all. This may mean that they have just started a business, but it can also mean that they are illegal or simply that they have no customers. And when you read reviews, pay attention to whether they are written by people who are stoners. You can easily deduce this from the terminology and experience of using the bong.

2. Discreet shipping and billing

If you don’t want everyone to know you ordered a bong, then look for the discreet shipping and billing option. Every reliable shop will meet your requirements about that. Although times, when smoking marijuana was taboo, are long gone, some people still have a negative attitude about it, and maybe they live with you in the house or in the same building. Avoid embarrassing questions and choose a place where the packaging and billing will be completely unrelated to what you ordered. No one will be able to know if you ordered a ball, body milk, or bong either from the package you receive or your credit card.

3. The overall look of the website

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Today, it is not difficult to make a good website, so if a website looks good, it does not mean that it is a reliable place. But just because it doesn’t take a lot of investment to make a website look good, if it looks very bad, it’s a red flag. If the images are low resolution and if in general everything looks like it did 15 years ago, there is a high probability that it is a fake shop that is just trying to steal money from you. Also broken English and the like are warning signs. Scammers make such websites very quickly and do not pay attention to details, just want to make as much as possible to increase their chances of stealing money from someone, so it is often a sign of a potential scam.

4. There are no product photos

Every reliable online shop should have products divided into categories and photos of each of them. Best if there are several photos for each product. Also, pay attention to the quality of the photo. Try to figure out if it’s an authentic photo or a low-resolution photo downloaded from some other website, without them actually having that product at all. If there is no photo at all, it is an even bigger red flag. You can find some bongs here to see what everything should look like.

5. Check SSL

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This is important to check for any online shopping, not just when you are buying a bong. It is a special security protocol that keeps your payment information from being stolen. This means that hackers cannot access your data and steal your money. This is easy to check, just see if it is HTTP: // and if it says secure next to it. If you notice that this is not the case or something else is suspicious, this is by no means the place where you should enter your credit card information.

6. Customer service

Customer service is a very good indicator of whether it is a reliable business. The best customer service is the one available 24/7 but you can’t always expect that and if it’s not available 24/7 it doesn’t mean it’s an unreliable shop. But it is important that they work during business hours, and that after that there is an e-mail that you can contact and chatbot. Also, check out their Facebook page and there you’ll see on average how quickly they respond to messages. This is a great indicator of whether you will easily solve a problem with them or not. You can even send a message to FB or email even though you have nothing specific to ask, but just to check the answer. It would be good if the question had to do with bong or weed in general because they would absolutely have to give you the correct answer to such questions.

7. Read the policy

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Although we all click accept and do not read the terms and policy, it is a big mistake. Read the policy and check out some of the most important information. The first is whether you can return the bong if it does not suit you for any reason. You may not like what it looks like or anything else, it is important that you can return without further explanation. And then check the warranty, which should be at least 2 years, although a year is also acceptable.


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The internet is full of dubious online shops, so be careful to buy the best possible bong and enjoy the whole experience.

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