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6 Tips for Finding Incredible Real Estate Bargains

The real estate market is currently in a really strange state, and honestly, the main thing to blame for it is the global covid-19 pandemic. People are making pretty awkward decisions when it comes to buying or selling property, and with some of the recent value drops the US dollar faced, it’s safe to say prices for homes are incredibly shifted.

Ask any real estate agent whether it’s smart investing in real estate at the moment and they’ll probably “hit you” with the good ol’ “I’m not sure.” For example, the average price for purchasing a home in North Carolina is about $190.000 at the moment, but that number was quite different a few months ago, and it will probably be different in a few months from now as well.

Thankfully, there are still some things you can do in order to find great offers. Some people are panic selling their homes at the moment for really affordable prices, and whether you’ll get your hands on such an offer or not depends on how well informed you are. But, we live in an era of information, so if not informed, what are we then? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Begin the procedure as early as possible

The earlier you tell others you are looking to invest some money into the real estate market, or purchase a property for yourself, or even sell one, the better it is for you. Over time a great bargain will come up and one of your contacts will notify you about it. After all, it’s really simple math. Chances for something to come up over the course of one year versus just one month is a day and night difference, literally.

According to Forbes, the best way to find real estate deals is by going through the MLS, which stands for multiple listing service, but, they also said talking to a real estate agent is equally as important, maybe even slightly superior. Let’s take a look.

Don’t be shy to reach out to real estate agents

Real estate agents are people who dedicated their entire life helping others find great deals. Of course, they take some of the money from the final transaction as their payment, but the amount of money they manage to save you by finding a bargain deal is far greater.

Reaching out to real-estate agents should be amongst the first things you do in a situation where you’re looking for good deals. You can visit your local agency or you can look for some contacts through the internet. Both ways work. Trying this yourself is also an option but if you end up feeling stuck, reach out to the professionals. It’s a small price to pay and the deal they land you may be a life-changing thing.

Remember that real estate agents have contacts and access to listings that are not really public. They maybe know someone who’s selling or buying something for a really good price but that listing is not available for everyone. Private circles only. Agents are in these circles.

Useful websites and applications are your best friend

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There’s really nothing that the internet cannot help us with. Nowadays we have a website for almost anything we need help with and browsing it is free. There are numerous websites that you can use for finding real estate bargains, but if you don’t feel like researching on your own, click here.

North Carolina for example is a place where according to statistics, most of the people looking for real-estate deals are using websites for help. It’s honestly the cheaper way and equally as efficient as hiring a personal real-estate agent to find you a deal.

North Carolina’s real estate market is also currently a hotspot so there’s a lot going on. If you put in some time and effort you can easily find yourself a seller or a buyer, depending on what you’re looking for.

Constantly check the local listings for offers

Nothing will yield more information than the local listings. Check them often and you’ll most likely end up finding something right for you. If you live in a larger area where the real estate market is really hot at the moment, keeping up with the listings may be slightly troublesome. However, you can automatize things by once again using the internet or a smartphone app for real estate listings in your area.

If planning to invest, research the areas beforehand

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Investing in the real estate market is considered one of the safest investment decisions a person can do. Well, at least from an investor standpoint, this area is probably the safest because there isn’t a chance the real-estate market will completely crash or fade away, unlike the Cryptocurrency one for example. But, investing still requires a lot of research and we’re not really experts in that, but there are people who can give you good advice. Usually, those people are agents willing to share, and you can get in touch with them by either contacting them personally or through their websites.

If you are looking to invest in North Carolina for example, some of the best choices at the moment are Durham, Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, and Cary. Some of these places are top-notch for investing due to the fact millennials choose them as their favorite places to live.

Notify home-owners about your will to buy

Sometimes people are not really even sure they want to sell until someone asks to buy their property. If you offer a good price they’ll most likely sell. However, our point here is to make a profit, so here’s what you can do. If you really like a certain place and you want to buy it, whether for re-selling it later or simply as your new home, notify the owner of it. This way if they ever think of selling it the first person they’ll contact is you, so you can immediately grab that offer before anyone else does.


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Hopefully, we managed to help you out with the article. Follow the instructions and you will be able to find a home at a low price. Of course, this article is just an outline to help you out in the process, so keep your mind locked on some other things as well!

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