11 Tips for Finding a Memory Care Facility for Your Loved One

Are you looking for an amazing facility for your loved ones – grandparents or parents perhaps? Well, some statistics say that there are more than one million Americans older than the age of 65 who are living in memory care or similar facilities. If you are interested in providing the best resources for your loved one, and you’re also looking for the best facility out there, keep on reading! Here, we will list all of our tips & tricks on how to find the best care for your closest ones.

1. Go for someone that has the right training


Look for the best center that meets your criteria, and that has all of your needed specifications. Do your research beforehand, and make sure that you have the right and the best list of your top few choices. Always aim for someone who has had the right amount of training, along with years of experience.

2. You will want individualized care

If your parent/grandparent has specific needs, wishes, or demands, you will want to take care of and fulfill those individually. Dementia, for instance, is quite common among elders, which is why & where you should find someone who knows how to do an individual examination and has a unique approach.

3. Good caregivers overall

You will want a team, not just an individual who is good at one specific field and line of work. You will need and want a good gerontologist, social worker, cook, physician – the entire team! They need to be equipped with the knowledge and together will perform the best services for your elderly.

4. They are focused on engagement & fun


People who have dementia often struggle to understand what’s going on around them, and they have trouble with their time structure. If they find themselves bored or confused, the right caregiver will help them enjoy some fun & new activities right away.

5. They value identity & have the right approach

We are all different & unique in our own way, wouldn’t you agree? This is why & where every person needs to feel appreciated & approached differently. Proper specialists will talk to your parent or grandparent with respect, and they will make them feel appreciated & loved. Everyone’s identity needs to be maintained at all times.

6. Good price point and within your budget

You don’t want to go for the priciest solution, and you shouldn’t go for something too affordable either. Stay in the middle and find the best cost that meets your budget. You should also make a shortlist of the top-rated senior living properties and eliminate them one by one depending on their cost. Be honest with each other (you and your spouse), and see how much they are willing to spend or contribute as well.

7. Know what works for them


You should know what works for your family, but understand the difference and the basics yourself. What is an assisted living facility, and what is a nursing home? These two items sound similar, but they are different in their core & approach.

Well, nursing homes are for people who need frequent & everyday medical care + attention. They are a must for anyone who struggles with some physical or mental issues.

Assisted living facilities only help with bathing and smaller services, such as massages, nail/hair services etc.

8. Look into the reviews

Going online to look into some reviews and read out everything there is about your chosen facility is a good and strategic move. You don’t want to put your loved ones in hands of someone who has a negative review, right? Read a review of someone who has already been in there, and also book a tour yourself before closing the deal. This way, you will get to understand and experience the full story on your own.

9. Talk with the staff

You can have a light chat with the staff, just to get to know everyone who’s around before you make up your mind. See how the employees behave around older people and also see if they are genuine and honest when it comes to their emotions. If there are any bad or negative answers, as well as potential issues, ask the team how they plan on solving it or figuring it out.

10. Food options and variety


It’s all about these small & little details, wouldn’t you agree? Well, you probably want your parents or grandparents to enjoy a variety & high-quality food, right? See what options are there, if there are snacks, an unlimited amount of beverages, etc. You should also ask around and see if anything needs to be paid extra. Those with a large appetite will appreciate this food feature.

11. Not too far away from home

Lastly, you shouldn’t go for something that is too far away from you and your home. You don’t want to spend hours getting from point A to point B, right? The closer it is, the easier & more convenient it is for you to get to your loved ones, and on a regular basis. Do not spend a lot of money on gas, and enjoy your weekly trips with other family members.

Ready to do the process and help out your loved ones?


In the end, do you feel like you’re ready to do the process, and you’re also trying to find the best facility for your family members or friends? Oftentimes, people struggle with knowing who to trust, or where to begin their research. If that is the case, you should check here and explore some of the best features for your family! The center has cognitive, fitness, as well as wellness services, ideal for anyone who wishes to feel secure & sound. Enjoy other premium & professional services while knowing that your closest ones are in safe hands.

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