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How To Find A Good Immigration Lawyer In New York

Ever since the inception of the free land of the United States, the nation has been a major attraction for immigrants from all around the world. This increases the hassle of getting a visa in current times. The process of immigration gets much easier if you have a good immigration lawyer to proceed with. Eminent firms are based in the States to give you the easiest access to the inland operation. Here are some of the key factors you must check before hiring a lawyer.

Types of Services Offered

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The immigration lawyers are concerned with a lot of services and facilities. This ranges from deportation defense and obtaining asylum for political refugees to building a business in America and getting the green card for you. The lawyers also represent you in the court if you ever get stuck in cases of deportation defense. Make sure that your lawyer or law firm is adept at helping you out in all these conditions.

Support for Different Classes of Legal Immigrants

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Whether you are seeking a visa, a citizenship or lawful permanent residency, there are different sections that you may belong to. Your law firm should give you a brief update on all these categories, including:


Available to the immediate family of U.S. citizens, this visa can be issued to the parents, spouses, and children.


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Temporary visas are also granted to the students who wish to continue their studies in any U.S.-based academic institution or university.


There are different visas only for immigrants who wish to invest in the U.S. business market. This leads to further growth of the American economy, and they give the easiest access to the country.


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If your employer is U.S. based and pays all the cost even for your immigration, you can get legal immigration by proving your contribution to the U.S. labor market.


Different allocation is made for people coming to the USA to protect themselves from political, religious, racial, social, or national persecution.


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Almost 50,000 applicants are randomly selected from millions who apply to grant diversity visas for immigration. However, this is the least likely method to get lawful immigration in the United States.

Policy Explanation

With so many government organizations involved in the procedure, the attorney should be well-versed with the policies of the law. Based on the past records and knowledge of immigration policies, you can understand how safe your immigration appeals will be in the hands of that attorney. Your attorney should explain your immigration eligibility to you, based on the predetermined categories. Understand how your family can get a visa, and what provisions can be made for your fiancé. There are various categories and allotments for getting an immigration visa. If your attorney can guide you through two or more of those ways, depending on your condition, he/she is eligible for hire.

Deportation Defense

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Deportation is a tight spot if you ever fall into it. A prospective deportee can choose any attorney that he/she wants, but they cannot get a no-cost attorney from the state. During the deportation hearing, the judge listens to your criminal records, employment history, and the violation forming the basis of the prospective deportation case. To protect yourself from any sentence (based on allegations of criminal or civil nature), you must hire a competent lawyer. Therefore, check out the previous records of the firm before hiring and trust the testimonials.

Types of Visas

Ask your immigration lawyer to explain the different types of visas to you. Read up on them and understand which one can apply to you. After you know about the major types of visas like I-140 Visa, H-1B Visa, K1 Visa, E2 Visa, L1 Visa, and EB-5 Visa, seek an immigration waiver. This will help you avoid trouble by granting you amnesty for certain mentioned immigration violations.

Our picks for good lawyers in New York

Now that you know what you should look for in a good immigration lawyer, here are our top three picks that you should definitely check out.

Pandev Law

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Dedicated to realizing your great American dream, Pandev Law New York keeps the client’s needs above all other requirements. They have cost-efficient packages with transparent legal solutions that can help you pursue your objective. Their client base is vast and available to access, to understand their legitimacy. You can also contact its active customer service and get the answers to your queries. The lawyers are experts in all kinds of immigration laws and can help you out with immigration, step-by-step. Scheduling a meeting with them is very easy. Simply call them at (212) 220-6652 or visit their website and book a meeting.

Jeffries & Corigliano, LLP

Jeffries & Corigliano, LLP is officially a business immigration law firm that has been serving the industry since 1980. They can assist professionals with different types of visas for their businesses including EB-1, O-1, E1/2, and H-1B visas. They also deal in solving issues with J-1 waivers, national interest waivers and petitions for immigration. The head attorneys Jeffries and Corigliano, both are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). They closely monitor the changing policies and serve their clients accordingly.

Khunkhun Law


With a practice of over 16 years, Khunkhun Law has made its name in the immigration law attorney management throughout New York City. Their practice time has given them enough experience over the years, and they can handle all kinds of legal formalities regarding immigration. They specialize in marriage-based immigration and family-based immigration. The artists and employees who need a quick gateway to the USA can contact them immediately. You can schedule a consultation session with them by calling. Visit their official website to get further details and book a consultation session online.

Robinson & Cole

When a company has been running since 1845, you can easily trust its professional dedication and assurance of client satisfaction. Robinson & Cole has multiple offices across the state and offers comprehensive U.S. law services. The legal team works hard over each individual case and tries to give the maximum success rate. They follow a six sigma process to get better results with petitions. Be it labor certification or visa approval, they can take care of all your forms and requirements.

Vinson & Elkins LLP

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With 13 offices spread worldwide, the insights of Vinson & Elkins LLP can help you get easy solutions for your immigration issues. They also help children to get special juvenile immigrant status. Their area of expertise lies in helping foreign business owners to obtain visas and handle issues with employees. They also focus on intellectual property rights and infrastructure laws. To get an appointment with them, you can contact them through their official website, where they are very responsive.

Other than the abovementioned, there are many law firms providing expertise in immigration law. You should be analytical and well-aware of your demands while choosing the right one for yourself. However, these are the best legal service providers in the market. You can easily trust them if your dream is to aspire high and settle in the foreign lands.

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