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Key Factors to Remember When Using a Winch

If you are the owner of such a powerful and tough car like a Jeep off-roader, you may already know that some off-roads are just too difficult to deal with without proper Jeep equipment. Just imagine getting stuck somewhere in the muds without a chance to pull yourself out, sounds terrible, right? That is why every responsible and careful off-road driver should not only have the best winch for Jeep in-store but should be able to use it correctly too. That is precisely what we are going to talk about in this article.

Cleaning the area

These days it is all about filming any interesting event that happens in your life. When it happens so that you are stuck and you are bound to winch yourself out of some tricky area, there is someone who wants to capture that on camera. However, not everyone realizes the danger of being in the area close to the vehicle. Sometimes the line or the hook, even the shackle snaps and that may turn out to be traumatic for those who are merely trying to take a picture of the process.

Keep a pair of gloves in the trunk

At times it may seem that the better is the winch you own, the safer it is to use. As a matter of fact, the notion is true to some extent, but there are fundamental safety rules which should not be neglected, no matter the supreme quality of the winch you are about to operate. One such rule is to have the gloves on. The sturdier are the gloves, the better, all the experienced drivers who have used a winch more than once prefer gloves made of quality leather. According to, it is essential you realize that even a new winch can fray, and it takes a single wire to cut your hand so deep that you may need stitches. At the same time, ropes can rope burn your hands, and that is the furthest from pleasant experience it can be.

Dampening the line

You can’t predict when the line may break. That is why it is so essential to dampen the line every time you are using the winch. When there is something placed in the middle of the cable or rope, it will secure the line so that it does not go flying all over the place, causing damage to the vehicle or people involved.

A winch is not enough

Very often, inexperienced drivers assume that it is enough to have a quality winch in the trunk to be able to get out of any unexpected situation. That is not true. It is never enough to have a single item at hand to winch yourself out safely. There is other important winching equipment that you should consider investing in and bringing it on with you when you are off-roading. Things like D-rings, shackles, and tree-savers are a must too.

Consider the equipment limits

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Not every winch suits certain weights and loads. When you are installing the winch, you need to make sure that it is fit for your car. Besides, you should be aware of all the equipment limits when in use so that you do not exceed them, and a simple operation turns out to be a dire accident.

Follow the instructions

No matter how obvious it sounds, too many people leave the factor out. Reading winch instruction is crucial. You may say that you have used a winch before and you know how to operate it well. However, winches are designed to carry out the same task, but the way they do it may differ, and it is vital that you are 100% sure of what to do and how to do it, even if it is not the first time interacting with the winch.

Think your actions through

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When it is your first time using the winch, it is not enough to equip it. You need to learn all the possible dangers that the equipment may bring into the picture. For instance, standing over the loaded winch is the worst thing that you can possibly do, along with trying to use it with your bare hands. Also, you should keep your hands as far away from fairlead as possible while working with it.

Stick to the plan

One of the main mistakes that beginning off-roaders make is leaving the plan out. Of course, you may be pressed for time, and you wish to get out of the situation as fast as possible. However, evaluating all the pros and cons of a certain situation is just as essential as carrying out the operation itself. If you feel like you need to discover and inspect the area that you are stuck in on a deeper level – do that. You should not underestimate even the simplest situation. When you come up with a plan, you should follow its steps precisely without trying to add some rush actions to it.

Be careful with the fairlead

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When you hear that there is nothing complicated about using a winch – there is. The truth is that there is a number of crucial factors to keep in mind not only to winch your vehicle out safely but also to get out of the situation uninjured. I would like to draw your attention to the fairlead. It is the place where the rope spools on the drum. There is a risk of your fingers getting stuck between the line and the fairlead, that is why it is strongly advised to keep your fingers at least an arm-length away from the spot.

Do not underestimate re-spooling

When you are done with the job, it is natural to leave the re-spooling process go unnoticed. However, if you do not monitor the way the line spools, it may get back into the drum loose or damaged. That can only mean that the next time you may need the winch, it will turn out to be broken or working incorrectly.

As long as you treat the winching process with the necessary caution, you will always be able to get out even of the most difficult situations.


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