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The Essential Free Online Tools for Developers

Developers are always on a lookout for free online tools to get to save money and get to complete their job. Some of the tools you will find here are web resources, messages digesters, encoders, and decoders, string escapers, code minifies, validators, formatters, etc. You should bookmark this website because you will find new tools here regularly.

Whenever you face a challenge or encounter a bug, feel free to get in touch with me to check into the nature of the bug and resolve it for you. Do mention some of the details, such as which browser you were using while trying one of the tools and any other comments which will help me take a look at the issue. Some of the tools that are available at are as follows:

JSON Formatter/Beautifier

Now you can create an object tree with the desired indentation with different color highlights. You will be able to identify members, arrays, and even objects. You can separate the solitude nodes after creating the JSON tree one at a time if you wish to.


  • There are six indentation levels available for the formatting of the JSON string/file. JavaScript can be separated and escapes.
  • You can develop a tree representation with easy navigation.
  • There are color Features available for different JSON objects.
  • The tool can easily support copy-paste of files,

HTML Formatter/Beautifier

You can use the HTML Formatter/Beautifier tool to format any HTML file or reliable to create an object tree with the desired indentation. The only thing that you will face difficulty with is that the formatting rules on the HTML file can’t be configured, but this tool will still you with the best available output.


  • There are four different indentation levels available.
  • Color Features can be done.
  • Copy-paste of files can be done.

XML Formatter/Beautifier

Now format any XML file or string with the required indentation level. Formatting rules on the HTML file can’t be configured, but this tool will still you with the best readability score.

  • There are four different indentation levels available.
  • Color Features can be done.
  • Copy-paste of files can be done.
  • SQL Formatter/Beautifier

You can format a SQL query with whatever desired indentation level, even if the SQL format available with you is invalid, work can be done. In case you wish to modify some of the SQL keywords, that can be done without any hassle. For those who want to go for SELECT statements, SQL beautifier is especially beneficial for them. You can

DELETE, UPDATE, and even INSERT statements.


  • There are four different indentation levels available for SQL formatting.
  • No matter whether the SQL is valid or not, formatting can be done.
  • You can change the keywords if you wish to
  • Agnostic database.
  • You can easily copy past files or upload them.

JSON Validator

Approves a JSON string against RFC 4627 (The application/JSON media type for JavaScript Object Notation) and against the JavaScript language particular. You can design the validator to be permissive or severe.


  • Approves your JSON string/document against RFC 4627 in either exacting or permissive mode
  • Approves your JSON string/document against the JavaScript determination
  • Supports duplicate glue or document transfer

HTML Validator

Approves the HTML string/document for well-formedness and consistency with w3c norms. It attempts to utilize the doctype announcement to assess the report structure yet will depend on best practice if unequaled. The validator will write about absent or invalid qualities, obscure labels, unclosed labels, and the sky is the limit from there.


  • Approves your HTML string/document utilizing the doctype if conceivable or the ‘prescribed procedures’ if not
  • Checks for invalid labels, absent or invalid qualities, unclosed markup and considerably more
  • Supports duplicate glue or record transfer

XML Validator (XSD)

Approves the XML string/document against the predefined XSD string/record. XSD records are “XML Schemas” that depicts the structure of an XML report. The validator checks for well-formedness first, implying that your XML document must be parsable utilizing a DOM/SAX parser. At exactly that point does it approve your XML against the XML Schema. The validator will report deadly blunders, non-lethal mistakes, and alerts.


  • Approves your XML string/record utilizing the gave XSD string/document
  • Supports duplicate glue or record transfer

Additionally, if we talk about BigData and complex XML, it becomes difficult to read and extract data from it because of its larger volume and complexities but with a tool like Flexter from one can easily handle complex XMLs and can also convert it to store as a relational database data.

XPath Tester

Executes an XPath question against an XML document. This online XPath analyzer will yield the real coordinated XML content alongside the XML thing type (Element, Text, CData, Attribute, and so on.). Each match is shown on a solitary line, and this permits you additionally to remove a subset of information whenever wanted—XPath 2.0/3.0 good.


  • XPath 2.0/3.0 perfect
  • Supports XML namespaces
  • Broad help of XPath capacities
  • Reports the thing sort of the coordinated XML parts
  • Supports duplicate glue or document transfer

Charge card Number Generator and Validator

Approves charge card numbers and furthermore creates phony Mastercard numbers for every single significant brand. Clearly, these numbers are for trying purposes and won’t work with a payment processor. Additionally, it contains full documentation and the case of the Luhn calculation used to approve most Visas (Mod 10).


  • Approves Mastercard numbers
  • Rundown of all card number configurations per card guarantor
  • Irregular charge card number generator for every single significant brand
  • Luhn algorithm clarified

Regular Expression Tester

The Regular Expression Tester can be used to identify where a match occurs, and rest assured, every original string will match. If you wish, you can use it to configure case-sensitive work. The tool supports strong replacements as well through groups.


  • Features all matches in the first string
  • Supports the DOT ALL banner; for example, the dab metacharacter matches everything, including line breaks.
  • Supports case-harsh, multiline and worldwide banners
  • A broad rundown of models and ordinary articulation plans
  • Supports string substitutions

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