9 Tips Why Reading Erotic Books & Short Erotic Stories Is Good For You

Words have the power to spin your world for good. But when words are coaxed with steamy hot scenes, they can completely blow your mind.

Reading erotic books and short stories can influence your brain, sex drive, and many other body parts. In fact, erotica can also tingle your emotions, as erotic readers are considered more emphatic compared to those who don’t read erotic fiction. Erotica can capture your mental and physical emotions in a breeze.

However, if you are still unsure whether you’d like to start reading erotica, let’s first understand what good sexy reading can bring into your life. You will definitely get a shock after knowing how good erotic stories are for you.

1. Burst your Stress Bubble


If you are stressed and anxious, erotic books can relax your mind. When you read explicit dialogues and raunchy sex scenes, they will swipe you away to the state of arousal. Dirty dishes in your kitchen sink or kid’s homework won’t matter for the moment when you are reading erotica. All that matters is what’s folding in your story between two fictional characters.

Also, when you are aroused, your brain releases a chemical called oxytocin that makes you feel relaxed and happy. So, whenever you are stressed, pick an erotic story here and pause a little.

2. Stimulate your Sex Drive

Have your sex desires become silent and almost inexistent? The idea of spending a few intimate moments with your partner doesn’t excite you anymore? If that’s the case, no need to worry as 43% of women and 31% of men have experienced low libido at least once in their lives. But if your dry spell has started to impact your relationship, you should pick an erotic book right away.

Yep, you see, folks, when you read a sex act, it can directly impact your arousal. When you read words laced with raw emotions and ecstasy, it tingles your own imagination. You can imagine that you are the one who is receiving all the pleasure in the story. Even you should try to masturbate while reading as an orgasm is the best sex drive booster.

3. Overcome your Sexual Shyness


Even if they are in a long-term relationship, many people hesitate to share their sexual preferences with their partners. Due to social barriers and shyness, people hesitate to openly talk about their sexual needs. With erotic literature, you can overcome your sexual shyness and gain the confidence to communicate with your partner better.

If you are nervous to verbalize your sexual desires, you can ask your partner to read an erotic story containing your favorite sex positions. This way, erotica will tell your partner what you prefer in bed. If you are wondering that erotica might offend your partner, first discuss erotica with him or her. And if your partner really cares about your needs, they won’t mind doing a little erotic reading for you.

4. The Best Painkiller

When dealing with a deadly migraine or bone-wrenching menstrual cramps, you can use erotica to reduce your pain. According to a study, women’s pain tolerance increased by 74.6% after they had an orgasm. Since erotic books and stories are the easiest way to reach an orgasm, you should ditch painkillers and invest in erotic literature.

5. Helps you Sleep Better


If you often face trouble sleeping, a good orgasm can also fix it. Orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin, which makes you drowsy and relaxed. Additionally, in women, orgasm boosts the estrogen levels and enhances the REM stage thus helping to put them in a deeper slumber. So keep your erotic book near your bedside table for a good night’s sleep.

6. Churn your Creative Juices

Don’t forget that erotica is an art. It is well-crafted literature that expresses different sexual fantasies, desires, and issues. Not many people know that erotica literature is a very wide genre with multiple sub-genres like BDSM, Indian Kamasutra, etc. Therefore, when you read an engaging erotic book, it will also help to enhance your creativity. You can even take creative inspiration to write your own erotic story after reading.

7. Spice Up Your Sex Life


If you and your partner have been following the same-sex routine for years, erotica reading can refresh it. With exotic literature, you can learn many new sex positions, cultural, and practices.

For example, using sex toys was taboo before Fifty Shades and Sex and the City series, but not anymore. Today, everyone knows what a vibrator is and how it can stimulate earthshaking orgasm. So, when you read different types of erotica, you can learn new things to try in your bedroom.

8. Explore Yourself

Even if you are sexually active for years, there might still be a few things that you secretly want to try but never have the guts to do so. Erotica is the perfect way to feast on your secret fantasies. For instance, you always wanted to try a threesome, but you never got a chance to indulge with two partners simultaneously. With erotica, you can explore threesome sex acts and understand whether it is something for you or not.

9. Makes You Happy


If you ask a reader what makes them truly happy, the answer will be reading — lots of reading. For a reader, a good book and story are what matters most in the world. If you are also a hardcore reader, erotic books can make you really happy. These books can stimulate your happy hormones like oxytocin and put your mind at ease. So, for a blissful Sunday afternoon, pick an erotic book and curl up on your couch to experience nirvana.

Closing Thoughts

Erotic books and stories can bring real value to your life. It can ease your pain, release stress, fix your low libido, and put you in a better mood. Now, what more do you ever require to lead a good life? To be honest, nothing much!

Give it a go by going online and finding an erotic story to read. Who knows, you might even become an avid erotica reader!

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