Smart Business ─ The Equipment Your Restaurant Really Needs

You may have the best idea for a restaurant that could see you trump some of the most established eateries in your neighborhood. But an idea is not enough. It all comes down to the quality of the food and the level of service you can provide.

Can you keep up with the market leaders or will it pay off to invest in dynamic equipment? Many restaurants find it essential to use modern equipment and resources, whether it’s a blast chiller in the kitchen or a new POS system to streamline workflows in the front.

We examine some impressive pieces of equipment you would be smart to consider, save for, or find capital for—you’ll be empowering yourself to boost your business.

Blast Chillers


For clarity, these types of freezers can rapidly bring down a dish’s core temperature, all thanks to blasting it with cold air. It happens much faster than what takes place in an average freezer.

If you need to place food in storage, you can have it at a safe temperature in just an hour or two! No more worrying about having to throw away food because it has gone bad.

While this is of course convenient, this is also how you protect your reputation. By quickly reducing food items to a temperature where bacterial growth is very unlikely, there is much less chance of someone getting food poisoning because of the food from your kitchen.

These days you’ll also find blast chillers of different designs and sizes, so you can buy one according to your needs. Create safe and effective storage space in one buy!

Vegetable Washers

You may think manual processes are more than sufficient for certain tasks in the kitchen, and washing veggies may be one of them. But think about the time your team will save if they no longer have to scrub even one carrot or potato. They’ll be able to give attention to many other tasks and help you boost the quality of dishes you put in front of your patrons.

Once again, settings and designs differ, so whether you need 200kg/h or 1,500kg/h, there’s a vegetable washer to streamline your kitchen’s workflow.

Also, because of these washers’ design, vegetables are constantly surrounded by clean water. This can be another method of improving the hygiene of your establishment and reduce the risk of clients complaining about getting sick because of your food.

Peelers and Cutters


Here are yet more manual tasks that should much rather be left to the machines! Peeling and cutting.

Simply imagine the time you save if one of your staff no longer has to peel garlic!

Using cutting appliances will mean more consistency in what you deliver. And, thanks to design features, one unit can help you cut a variety of ingredients—from bread to nuts to fruit! So, it’s one appliance that will impact how you prepare many of your menu’s dishes.

Combi Ovens

Now let’s get to the cooking part!

You could free up space and have more cooking options at your disposal by simply investing in one combi oven. These can steam or use convection or a mix of the two methods. So, if your menu requires different cooking methods, including steaming, baking, and grilling, this is possibly the kitchen appliance you’ve been hoping for.

Some models are great for pastries and breads while others have the capabilities to help you prepare steaks, eggs, or roast chicken in record time. Consider your most important requirements and shop accordingly.

Mixer Kettles


Don’t be fooled! You can use mixer kettles for either hot or cold dish preparation. This innovative product simply cuts down on preparation time because you have an easy solution to mixing ingredients. Features like an integrated tap that makes it quick and easy to add some more water speed up kitchen workflows. You’ll have full control over the temperature of the mix inside.

This is a device that helps small and large establishments achieve consistency in what they deliver. And of course, there’s one less manual task, which ends up saving you time!

More Dynamic Work Surfaces

We’ve listed some innovative tools but also rethink the surfaces you and your team are working on. Are there more hygienic and dynamic solutions? A meat counter cabinet is an excellent example as it gives you workspace while also keeping meat close at hand, so it travels less throughout the kitchen. This helps with workflow, as well as creating a more hygienic space.

In Conclusion

Whether you’ve been around for a while or you’ve just opened the doors of your very first restaurant, you’ll always feel the pressure of competition in this industry. For small and large food outlets, no matter your level of experience, it pays off to find ways to stay a step ahead of the rest.

It can be a marketing campaign or revamping your look—but never underestimate the power of technology and equipment in the restaurant business!

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