Reasons Why English-Speaking Canadians Should Learn Spanish

Learning several languages has become normal in this world full of progression with technology and so on. English is an international language that is being used all over the world, but knowing English alone is definitely not enough.

If you want to stay in the field with everyone neck to neck, then learning more than one language is a must. Spanish is a language that is spoken by millions of people all over the world.

Canadians who speak English as their first language should learn Spanish as well. In this article, you will get to know why English-speaking Canadians should learn Spanish.

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Why Is It Important to Learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish can be a key to your upcoming perfect life. You can open a business in the Spanish-speaking area. It can be built in your area, city, or in a Latin American country.

If you know how to speak Spanish properly, then you can have your dream business opportunity started and make some profit while helping others get what they need.

Is Learning Spanish Useful in Canada?


There are more than 200 languages spoken in Canada. But English is spoken by more people than other languages. English-speaking Canadians should learn Spanish because it has many benefits and you will realize them only after you learn this.

Spanish helps when starting a business, handling any client, communicating with many people while you are traveling, etc. When you travel most of the time, you will see communication gaps or problems happen.

If you know more than one language, then travel becomes easier and communication gets smoother.

How Can English-speaking Canadians Learn Spanish?

Nowadays, everything has become online. You can shop, learn, or do whatever can be done online. Learning Spanish is also the same.

There are so many online platforms available nowadays which teach any language in every possible easy way. Some of the platforms are Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, and so on. Different platforms are famous because of their different features.

Some of them teach with videos. Those videos contain learning materials, and the whole course process happens through those videos only. Some of them teach with the help of music, and some of them teach face-to-face live.

You will find many notes as per your needs. All of these features make the learning process and everything so easy. You can choose any platform on your own. You just need to get started.

Reasons Why English-Speaking Canadians Should Learn Spanish


The World’s Second Most Spoken Language

If they learn Spanish, then they will be able to communicate with over 572 million people around the world. There are 477 million native speakers, according to the Cervantes.

This number increases drastically if we include those who speak Spanish as their second language. Fluency in Spanish can open new types of doors. This will give you opportunities to discover a world full of new adventures. So, learning Spanish is fun!

Speaking Spanish is important to growing Canada’s academy. There are 200 languages spoken in Canada, ranging from Blackfoot to Tagalog. Spanish is one of the fastest growing and is increasingly important, which is not only for individuals but also for businesses.

Though Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language, though educators say French is the 2nd most spoken language in Canada, Spanish is gaining ground. Experts think this language could become an international language in the future.

It is also the second most studied language worldwide. This makes it easier for Canadians to understand this growing culture. Those who speak Spanish have a leg up, and these countries are becoming increasingly important markets for Canadian industry.

It Can Help You Land Your Dream Job


The New American Economy (2017) found that the demand for bilingual employees in the US has more than doubled for both low-skilled and high-skilled workers.

The number of employers is rising. They prefer individuals who can speak Spanish fluently. If you want to obtain your dream job, then be aware of certain skill sets you need to learn.

Learning Spanish Improves Your English

You will see that when you learn Spanish, it automatically improves your English. It will help you boost your vocabulary by familiarizing yourself with Latin roots.

The Spanish word “mal” means “bad,” and these types of small roots always carry a negative correlation in English. It becomes obvious in words like malignant, malicious, malevolent, and malfunction.

Prepares You for Global Opportunities

Many universities, colleges, and high schools offer study abroad opportunities. They offer programs that immerse you in the Spanish culture while you learn Spanish abroad.

They stay available for everyone to choose from, and they vary in time from as little as a week of study to a whole year or one semester.

Make New Friends in a Different Language

If you learn Spanish properly, then you can make many friends in different languages. This will make your communication skills stronger.

This may help you out when you are lost in a new city or get invited to a cool party. You might meet so many new people and form bonds you would otherwise be unable to.


Now you all know why learning Spanish is important and the reasons why English-speaking Canadians should learn Spanish. Finding the perfect platform is important for learning any new language. With the help of this article and online platforms, not only Canadians but also everyone can learn any language at any time if they have the will. Begin today and see how far you can progress before you are fluent enough.

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