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How E-Commerce Grows in the Fashion Industry?

Every fashion enthusiast will confirm that there is no better experience than shopping for new clothes, shoes, and accessories. Also, there are people who enjoy shopping, but they don’t want to go to the crowded malls and stores, so they choose online shops to purchase their favorite fashion pieces and have delivered to their home address.
Many popular brands are choosing to develop their online stores. Some of them were sure there was no need for that, but the current coronavirus crisis showed them that it is always a good idea to offer your products online, so they won’t lose money during the pandemic. On the other side, people saw how easy and simple it is to click on the product they want, put in a virtual cart, pay using their card, and wait for the delivery.

But, what lays behind the most successful online stores? Their detailed eCommerce strategy includes a lot of things that are important to attract more customers, including psychological and gender stereotypes they believe will lead to more sales.

One thing is for sure, the Internet commerce is changing the whole fashion industry in so many ways. We can say that fashion eCommerce is growing every day because of the advanced search engines, great social media presence, and exceptional users’ experience. A lot of popular brands, but also the smaller fashion businesses changed the whole buying experience. They offer special discounts if you order online, gifts and vouchers. It’s easy and everyone can do it while sitting on their couch or driving in the public transport vehicles in the morning.

Here are a few changes that eCommerce caused in the fashion industry:

1. Brands invest in better websites

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Now they know how important is to show all the information about the product, including the price, sizes, available colors, materials, and delivery options. They now have rich content that is optimized for better search results on Google and other commercial browsers. They know that is important to have a website with good navigation and proper content because it’s important to win the SEO game and go up on Google’s first page.

2. Increasing the brand’s trustworthy

It’s always hard to fight against the competition, especially if they have a better online shop such as In order to attract more customers and assure them to stay on your website, you need to offer loyalty coupons, vouchers, discounts, to be consistent, responsible, transparent and to offer a great user experience. Optimize your website for all the devices people use, including their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. If you have money, you can invest in a mobile application, so they can easily reach to your store and shop every time they want.

3. Return rates policy

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It’s normal to make a mistake, even for both sides in this story. You need to use high-quality images from the real products, not to download them, so the customers can see what you offer. Sometimes, they can mistakenly order the wrong size or color, but it’s also possible the delivery service to mess the things. So, you need to have a clear return policy. Many customers will never shop again if you don’t want to replace the order or if you ask them to pay a lot, especially if the mistake is on you. So, plan this part carefully and avoid shoppers’ disappointment. Satisfied customers are your best marketing tool that will increase your online store.

4. Artificial intelligence and automation

Online shops use cookies to track how their customers behave. Next time when someone browses from the same IP address, they are offering a better experience and offer products that are similar to the previous search, leaving the less interesting behind. This is one great example of how AI can be used in the fashion industry, so people can find exactly what they need, without having to spend hours until they get bored and exit the site.

5. eCommerce is not only for the fashion industry

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Online shopping is one of the most important things that protected and saved a lot of lives during the coronavirus pandemic. People learned that they can order everything online, and brands and companies also learned something crucial to their business. Now they know they can sell their products and services on the Internet, including food, books, clothes, cosmetics, even online courses like and so on. You can have everything you need with just a few clicks, anytime, everywhere.

6. Social media is everything

Today in 2024 you can’t imagine running a business and not use social media promotion tools. People are more and more present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. These platforms are your direct channel to your potential customers. You can use the marketing tools or you can find an influencer who will help you with the promotion. Research all the possibilities and choose the best one for you. Don’t forget that communication is the most important part of your selling experience. People always choose to approach you using social media instead of your email or contact form on the website. So, you need to stay online on your social pages and profiles and be always present, for every question or problem they may have with your service.

7. There are always customers for beauty products and clothes

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People love to look beautiful, to shine, to wear nice clothes and to use beauty products. If you have a beauty business, you must create and establish a stable online shop. Customers read reviews and look for the products. Optimize your content for better search results and keep your website simple and effective. The customers will always choose you over some messy and unclear website. Don’t avoid this chance. Use this great time to improve your online store and be a serious competition to similar web stores.

As we can see, eCommerce will still be a moving force for the fashion industry, even when the coronavirus crisis is over. People now have different shopping routines and they will often choose a good online service before going to malls and stores.

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