Don’t let the Past, Steal Your Present

Addiction is a very alarming situation and it varies from person to person. So, treatment of addiction is very important for a healthy life. But addiction treatment is not such an easy task it requires time and effort although it’s not a very short process. It comprises long sessions, therapies, and different varieties of treatments. These treatment sessions can address all problems including emotional, behavioral, and other changes. Addiction therapy treatments can be done in many ways.

At the drug rehabilitation centers, a healthy environment is provided to the clients for many kinds of treatments and many other customized plans are available to facilitate the clients to fulfill their needs. Addiction treatments comprise a wide range of treatments

  • Family Therapies
  • Group Counselling
  • Trauma Therapies
  • Holistic Recovery Therapy
  • Individual Behavioral Therapy

Addiction therapy services are essential for the patients. The treatments may vary from center to center. However, the mentioned treatments are some very basic therapies that must be offered by all the rehab centers. Some of them are discussed below.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is composed of many therapists and curing many people at the same time in the same environment. A group therapy constitutes of the different platforms and environments for the treatment. It includes mental health clinics, hospitals (private), and community centers that can also be utilized for multiple treatments . Different techniques incorporate in this type of therapy, for instance when we speak about group therapy many questions accumulate in our mind that group treatment discussions sessions look like in either the circle(group) form and what methods are used in group therapy. So, the answer is that in many cases as the name implies the mind gives a glimpse of that all the people sit in a form of the circle, and all chairs are arranged in the form of a circle so all group members can easily communicate with another one. A group treatment session starts with a brief introduction of every participant that is included in group therapy.

When someone is addicted to some habit, he or she might think that the other person cannot understand his situation, but the benefit of group treatment is that we sit in a group form. All of our fears are gone, thinking that the other person is also suffering from this trauma. Communication is very crucial in every matter of life and in group therapy the communication is very vivid and honest. In group therapy people don’t judge each other statements rather they talk freely and socializes with all group members.12-step groups are also common in group counseling sessions. This is very common in people and the 12-step group counseling put a powerful impact on the people.

Behavioral Therapy


Behavioral therapy is an umbrella term for those therapies that can treat mental disorders. The outcome of behavioral treatment is to abolish the unwanted behavior and reinforced the desirable one. Behavioral therapy can be action based because many people think that action speaks louder than the word. The same happens in behavioral treatment , the therapists try to change the undesirable behavior of the patients by some actions and in most cases, and it works well because many people learn from the environment. Behavioral therapy comprises many varieties of treatments. The most common among them is cognitive-behavioral therapy. In cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), the patient is urged to eliminate all the negative thoughts and the therapist tries to divert the mindset of the patient by enlightening the positive perspective of life. This treatment tells many patients the fact that try to stop worrying about perfection and do their best in life. Behavioral therapy’s goal is to live in today and focus only on the present things. For further information please click here.

Trauma Therapy


As we know almost every person has some past and he or she has been through some past events that changed their life. These traumas include past events for instance very bad injury, being bullied by someone, and many other unfortunate situations. Many studies were conducted and extracted the information that after attending regular sessions and taking proper precautions a patient can recover completely. The success rate is about 77-100%. Many people nowadays are suffering from well know disease Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).In this condition, a person suffers from many symptoms including:

  • A person may experience some recurring dreams related to past traumas.
  • A person may overreact on many issues, show anger, and developed a negative impact on thoughts.

People should talk about them otherwise it may lead to serious health disorders. Trauma therapy goals can be described in many ways:

  • Always try to remain in the present and don’t think about your past.
  • Try to accomplish personal power.
  • Accept the reality of the past events very successfully.
  • Socializes with the people and tries to know the other people’s traumas.

Holistic Addiction Therapy Services

Holistic addiction therapy includes every perspective of the mind. It refers to provide a positive and healthy body to a patient and the patient can recover. Instead of temporary recovery holistic addiction treatment try to recover every problem for instance from soul and body also. The positive aspect of this therapy is that this treatment focuses on the whole person’s recovery not only the behavior or emotional therapy. Examples include fitness treatment. Everybody knows the fact that fitness is very crucial to everyone’s life and everyone should do exercise to reduce anxiety. People also develop good habits like book reading, participates in games because good habits make the person feel strong and the mind also sound healthy. Holistic therapy urges to engage patient’s mind in outdoor activities like biking or some may suggest physical activities like yoga.

Holistic therapy also keeps a check and balance on nutrition. Nutrition counseling urges the patients to pay attention to their diet and prepare a diet chart and cook healthy food. Nutrition counseling also eliminates the deficiencies of nutrition. Meditation and fitness therapy are two good approaches to a healthy lifestyle.

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