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Do You Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident that Wasn’t Your Fault

For most of people, a car is not just a vehicle that will transport them from one place to another. It will maybe sound silly when we say this, but most car drivers consider their vehicle as a member of the family. More precisely, they are emotionally connected to their vehicle. Because of that, they constantly strive to upgrade and change something to make it work and look better.

However, being a driver is a huge responsibility. This is especially an important message for first-time and young adult drivers. Each time when you sit in your car, the level of your concentration needs to be high. Despite that, you mustn’t start driving long distances when you feel tired. In the end, driving under the influence of alcohol is something you should never do. Grab a taxi or call someone to drive you home and ensure the safeness of everyone in that way.

All things that we said are some sort of basic rules. However, it seems that most of the drivers forget about the sooner or later. You are not putting only your life in danger. Other passengers have equal chances to get hurt because of irresponsible driving.

Yet, even when you respect all these rules, the car accident might happen. As we said, there are many irresponsible drivers on the streets. Many times it can happen that car accident was not your fault.

So, what to do when something like this happens?

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Some people choose not to call the police when something like this happens. They believe that everything can be fine without authorities. But, this is not the smartest decision you can make. There are several different things you should do when you experience a car accident.

Always Call the Police!

Hesitating to do that is something that can make things even more complex. For example, if the damage is not big and no one is hurt, people do not want to do that.

It doesn’t matter what exactly happened. Calling the police is a “must-do” thing without any exception. The police account will become an important part of the record. Despite that, the police report will help you speed up the insurance claim. Talking with police when you know it is not your fault will only bolster the entire case.

Both drivers should move their cars from the streets. If something like that is not possible, both sides should stay in their vehicle until the police come.

Find Out All Relevant Information of Other Driver

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The medical and car repair bills won’t be covered effectively if you do not exchange the relevant information of another driver. More precisely, you need to gather pieces of information about his insurance. Despite that, you should know his license and plate number, name, address, and phone number.

Talk with Witnesses

People are usually scared a lot when a car accident happens. Because of that, they forget to do some crucial things. One of those things is not to let witnesses disappear. There were certainly some people that have seen what happened. However, you can’t make them stay until the police come. Keep in mind that some of them are in a hurry. Instead, ask them kindly to give you their contact information. After that, you will give those pieces of information to the officers and the court will invite them to testify.

Make the Photos of the Scene

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This is one more important thing that most people forget because of shock. We all have smartphones and it is easy to make the photos or videos of the scene. However, you mustn’t forget to do that at that moment.

You should also make a video or photo of the environment and the weather. If there are any huge damages to the car, it is something you should record as well.

Do I Need a Lawyer When I Am not Guilty?

All the steps that we previously mentioned should be enough to prove that you are not guilty. However, this doesn’t mean that hiring a lawyer is completely unnecessary. On the contrary, you should invite him immediately after the car accident happen. There are several different reasons why this should be a good move.

First of all, are you truly sure that it is not your fault? Indeed, more experienced drivers will probably have the chance to determine that better. Still, some people are too subjective and they make a mistake because of that. Because of that, collect all the evidence and give it to your lawyer. He will confirm if you are right or not.

Despite that, the car accident brings different sorts of additional costs. If the accident was not your fault, you do not have to pay for injuries or damages. This is something that your lawyer will easily handle.

Finally, car accident laws are not your expertise. Would you try to develop a game without any coding knowledge? Things are the same here.

Still, you need to know that not every lawyer would be a good choice. You need to find those that are experienced in personal injuries and car accidents. Fortunately, you can find a lot of them online that are working in these fields for years. For instance, Resengard Law Group is one of the personal injury laws that can help you with this. You might visit their website and see which services they offer.

Do I Need a Doctor When I Feel Fine?

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When something like this happens, visiting a doctor is the smartest thing to do. Indeed, there might no be some visible injuries. Despite that, it can happen that you physically feel very well. However, the consequences of car injuries can sometimes come after 24 or 48 hours. It is not something you should play with.

Despite that, we mentioned that most of the people experience shock because of this. It might happen that you will have some psychological problems after the accident. For instance, many people testify they start dreaming nightmares because of that. If you experience something like that, why don’t you visit a psychiatrist? Only one conversation with an expert can make things easier for you.

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