Brain Games ─ Do They Really Work?

Yes, these computerized mind-training games are really proven to change how people think and act. These are best known as the “brain training” games like Lumosity, BrainPOP, and more. These games are designed to analyze the brain to figure out how it functions, and they are designed in such a way that you can increase your attention, and reaction speed, and help you develop your thinking, verbal, and reasoning skills. Let’s see how brain games are helpful in improving your thinking to think more clearly.

Improvement in Attention

When we use our frontal cortex to focus on one thing, this helps our memory, problem-solving, and visual processing. When the frontal cortex is activated, our brain becomes more able to focus on a task and control our attention better. This allows us to concentrate better on the task at hand. Innovative brain games can work as a supplement to help our brain become more used to focusing in one area of interest at a time.

Improvement in the theory of mind


Here the “improvement in the theory of mind” means “the ability to understand someone else’s thoughts and motives”. Because of this, your brain is able to understand why someone else would think a certain way. This helps in understanding social situations, helping you to become better socially. This is essential in many ways, such as being able to have empathy and a better understanding of others. Brain training games can improve this area of your brain to help you understand other people more.

Improvement in reasoning skills

One of the reasons people find it difficult to read and understand long, complex sentences is that the brain in the frontal cortex stops working. However, brain games allow you to make the brain more active, which means it will work more efficiently. This will then make you able to understand a complex paragraph or longer sentence more easily. This can be useful when doing a job where you are required to understand large amounts of information.

Improvement in visual processing


Your brain takes in all information at once, but when it is focused, it can better visualize the process. Because of this, brain games can improve your visual processing skills. This can improve your ability to analyze and process information faster than you might have thought possible. It’s important to keep in mind that these games cannot change what you can already do. It is only a supplement to what you can already do. The games will not cause you to do any physical actions or change your ability to think, just improve your brain and your understanding of the brain.

Improvement in verbal skills

This is really important because if you want to be able to read and understand articles, books, and even speeches, it is vital that your brain is able to process this information in the proper way. Your verbal skills will be improved when your brain is able to process more information quickly and accurately.



These are all very good reasons why brain training games are effective. They help our brains be more active. This means that you will be able to process more information and make more complex decisions and respond to the world more accurately and quickly. One of the things that might worry many people is that gaming all day might not be good for you or your brain.

Hope you like this article about brain games and their importance.

Happy brain gaming!

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